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'Your Constant and Unchanging Refuge ' Kathi Pelton

My husband and I are back in our home city in California for a family wedding. My husband was born here (as was his mother) and we called this city home until just about eight years ago. We absolutely loved raising our children in this area and we love how beautiful it is. Although most everything is just like we remember— as we drive around (with floods of memories pouring in), there is one thing that we notice— things that have changed. Some of our favorite places to eat are now out of business, due to a fire that passed through the city a few years back, some of the landmarks that are unique to our home city are now gone, and some places that were pristine have aged and look old now.

As I looked upon the changes I felt a sense of sadness as I once again realized that there is only one constant and unchanging thing in our lives— that is our God. From age to age, generation to generation, he never changes. His love for us and for the world does not change— even as we witness mankind changing for the worse, his goodness endures. His faithfulness never changes even when the seasons of our lives change around us. His presence with us never changes even when those we love move away or pass away.

He is our constant and unchanging companion, friend, guide, Father and Savior. I change and you change but he never changes. He always remains our refuge in this ever changing world.

While we are on this visit to our hometown we are staying with my husband’s dad who is now 88 year old. We have sat with him and gone through so many photos of the past decades— and often tears run down his face as we relive the memories together. His wife (our mom) has died now, his children are now grandparents, many of his grandchildren are parents, his hearing is almost gone and everything around him as changed. But he clings to one thing— Jesus! Though his heart aches at the constant changes that are out of his control— he has a foundation that will never change. The Rock of Ages is his sure hope and refuge. It is yours as well.

So— no matter what you are facing and no matter the changes that have altered your life, those who have found Christ have one constant and unchanging reality— their God. Find your home in him, your refuge in him and your reason for going forward in him. One day he will make everything new and we will never experience the tears of loss again. Anchor your life to him in this ever changing world and let him always be your home.

What a wonderful comfort and joy we have in our never changing Savior!

Kathi Pelton


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