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Thank you for your Interest in Chicago Faith Broadcasting  and Media

We are working on a new platform in which We can promote GODS voice Locally Regionally Nationally and Globally 

In order to bring to you some of our Top Prophets and Budding Prophets, we will be having Broadcasts. these will be primarily on Thursdays at

6: 30 PM CDT

But We will also be having broadcasts with Political Leaders 

We will have Educational Tools  Insights into Different Cultures  It will be very diverse But all Faith-Based.  Check Out Our YOUTUBE CHANNEL 

What Membership Includes
Access to Videos   30.00 >>>>>
Ability to interact with speakers
Discounts on Chicago Faith-Based  Sponsorship of Conferences. 
Discounts on Products = 30.00 Monthly partners Recieve Oil for The Realm of Glory It's a gift.
But, it will be delivered quarterly as The Presence Comes.
We just sent 6 Months worth out in one mailing Because we wait on the Presence.

It's the year 5780 The Year of Speaking Like Zion The Year of The Voice of GOD
So with a donation of 5.78 Let's Build The House with Broadcasts 

5.78  10.00   7.00


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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