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God is preparing prophetic voices who will be mightily anointed with power and authority. They will decree a thing and it will be established. The word of God will be like a sharp 2-edged sword in their mouth. They will speak and angels will be commissioned to help bring to pass God’s word. 

These prophetic voices will be like John the Baptist, a voice crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the way of the Lord.” John was a mighty forerunner who prepared the way for Jesus to come. He operated in the spirit and power of Elijah. This same spirit will rest upon revival forerunners today.

They will be anointed to confront current world systems and religious systems that are holding people in bondage. They will be used by God to prepare the way for the King of Glory to come in. The King of Glory is coming in power as seen in Psalm 24. "Lift up your heads Oh you gates, be lifted up you age abiding doors, that the King of Glory may come in.”


Jesus is coming in power to overthrow demonic strongholds and set captives free. There is a move of God coming that will bring deliverance to the masses. Even now forerunners are being prepared just as John the Baptist was. John was in the deserts until the day of his appearing. He emerged as a voice for God. He was separated and consecrated. 

God is doing the same for you. God pulled John away to Himself, so every other voice could be silenced…the voice of the world and the voice of the religious system. He was alone with God where he became acquainted with God’s voice. He carried a pure and undefiled message from God. 

Every time God separated you from the crowd, drew you into prayer, convicted you of comprise, and purified your heart…He was preparing you to be a voice for Him. The revival forerunners are emerging, lighting rods of His power that will break the way open for others to follow. They are purified prophetic voices that will proclaim God’s message and usher in the King of Glory. 

Maybe you haven’t understood all you have been going through. Maybe the refining fire has been intense. Maybe the betrayals or rejections have tempted your heart to get offended. Maybe you didn’t understand why you didn’t exactly fit in. 

YOU ARE BEING PREPARED TO BE A VOICE, A FORERUNNER…one who breaks the way open for others! 

I want to help you navigate this process so you can be all God has intended you to be. There’s an urgency in the Spirit for the forerunners to arise…so you can fulfill the divine assignment on your life in this hour. The Lord has need of you. 

Matt Sorger


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