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'God Save America' Chris Reed

You may remember the dream I shared about the rebirth of America. The dream seemed to portray an awakening starting in April 2024 with a significant shaking, then leading to a painful, traumatic pregnancy. I recently went back and looked at that, and it was like the words leapt off the page.

      A total solar eclipse happened on April 8, and I believe it was more than just a regular eclipse. Two or three days before it, a 4.8 earthquake hit New York and New Jersey, pretty close to the D.C. area. I felt I heard the Holy Spirit say the 4.8 earthquake was pointing to an event on 4/8—the eclipse. Then, as the eclipse was going on, I was traveling through the Washington, D.C. area, which wasn't planned. So, I felt it was really meaningful and significant.

      I think we've really entered a period of change, and we can pray for things to not go the way the enemy wants them to go. The whole dream was about a metaphorical rebirth of America and how a traumatic pre-election event would force the baby to be born prematurely. I also saw things would be stabilized until the full nine months had passed—until January 2025—and the baby would remain in the incubator until July 2025.                                                  

      Since the eclipse, Iran has attacked Israel, Israel has attacked Iran, and there has been absolute chaos on a lot of the college campuses, including at the University of Michigan’s recent graduation ceremony. It seems like something intense is happening. I really think we need to be prayerful in this time.

      As we pray about current events, one thing is clear: We need America to return to its roots. You could say we need it to be great again. When we started hearing President Donald Trump say, “Make America Great Again,” those on the far left tried to pretend that was a reversion back to when warmongering, racism, and slavery were openly embraced and permitted in America. But that's not what we are saying or what Trump was saying.

      The derision of “Make America Great Again” was a tactic meant to demonize the concept of nationalism. Nationalism, by my definition, is a view that believes the world is best when nations are able to direct their own independent courses while cultivating and maintaining their own traditions and values, pursuing their own interests without interference from a global government or an international community. It’s wanting the best for your country.

      Wanting the best for your country is not racist. The United States is a nation of immigrants from every ethnicity, except for the Native Americans who were stewards of this land before us. There were some terrible things that happened throughout U.S. history, but being proud to be an American is not racist.

      The goal of every emperor or pharaoh was to consolidate all people groups and all nations under one regime. The Soviet Union tried it; China has tried it. It just doesn't work. Historically, the choice has been simple: you either like the idea of one international government imposing its will on the nations, or you believe that nations should be free to set their own courses. I believe in the latter. According to the Bible, God does as well. Acts 17:26 says, “He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings.”                     

      So goes America, so goes the world. So goes the church, so goes America. We need things to change in America. If we're going to have a reformation or a revolution in America, it has to start in the church. We can't stay silent on anti-American sentiment.

      In the 1930s, the vast majority of the Lutheran Church in Germany initially went along with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. They didn't want to cause trouble. German pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer did not let that go unchecked. He called out his government’s corruption and its persecution of the Jews. We need Dietrich Bonhoeffers In this hour. We need those who are not going to accept the lie that Christians should keep out of politics. Tell John the Baptist, who called out Herod, or Moses, who confronted Pharaoh, that they should have stayed out of politics!

      There is lawlessness in the nation right now. There are people who are tearing down the American flag and putting up the Palestinian flag. I am not against Palestinians, but people protesting in favor of Palestinians on college campuses are taking down the American flag and calling for the Jews on campuses to go back to the Holocaust gas chambers. They're literally saying it, and there have been no real consequences.

      You have to understand something about the socialist, communist, Marxist worldview. People who are on the side of imperialism or globalism don’t see the world through the lens of what's right or wrong; they only see through the lens of oppressor and oppressed. If they can be convinced that exclusively one people group is being oppressed, they will view every other group with contempt.

      Pray for God to save America and to help Americans see each other through His lens.

Chris Reed



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