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'This Is a Time of Correction and Deliverance' Robin Bullock

Prophetic word of the Lord from Robin Bullock released on May 18, 2023 on Elijah Streams. I hear the word of the Lord say these things concerning this new time, in a new subject—not just a new word, but a new subject into the Church, the Body of Christ: What Side Will You Land On? "For you have—some of you have adopted corrupted minds. You have corrupted My thoughts, My Word and My moral Law. You have created a new time that absolutely has nothing to do with Me. For you have taken and turned things your way, and you have made it by big boards and wheels, and you are attempting to correct My Word that needs no correction at all. For you have lifted yourself up higher than God, and your arrogance stinks before Heaven and before the courts of Heaven. For even now, angels are looking and staring, wondering what the next move will be for God. For My move will be My word. Hear the word of the Lord: "Correct your own doctrine, and correct it fast, and correct it quickly; for soon we will be on the other side of all of this, and wherever you land, on that side is where you'll stay. For this is the time of correction—for you to correct yourself with the Word. Speak for mercy and grace; call for it," says the Lord, "and I will surely give it. But if you do not, and you land on the other side of this outcome, and you remain unchanged when you get there, there is where you will make your bed; there is where you will be—like Og, King of Bashan. You will be there, for you will have your own idea and build a bed so big that you'll think only a god could lay in it. Learn the Written Word "But know this," says the Lord, "I am not a man that I should lie, neither I am a man that I should repent. For I took flesh and bore your sickness, and carried your pain and your sin. I defeated death, Hell and the grave, and rose again. And you would spew that in My face by making your own doctrine—the doctrine of men—saying I said this, when I said it not; saying I said something that My Word says I did not say? For I will not change the thing that went out of My mouth. I will not change the written Word. Learn the written Word. "And you say, 'I can't believe the written Word.' It's because you will not read it. If you would read it, you could believe it, but you will not read it. You would rather read newspapers than My Word. "And you have built doctrines of devils. You have lifted them high in your pulpits. You've ordained homosexuals together as they kiss in My pulpits. You are fools, and you will reap the bounty of a fool, lest you repent. So, repent," says the Lord, "that I may have glory within your ranks and show My greatness among your children. But if you do not repent, you will not see My greatness in the legacies of your children, but you will see the destruction, like an old shoe torn apart. Live Righteously "For this is the word of the Lord today, as it comes upon you. Hear a new subject, a new subject of righteousness. Talk of righteousness, talk of morality, talk of My Word, and I will surely give you the blessings of My Word. This is a word to the Church—to the Body of Christ—for you are not being an example to the world as a whole; only a remnant remains. (Photo via Pxfuel) "Now is the time for the remnant to become the majority. Let your words be heard. Speak righteous, vote righteous, talk righteous, live righteous. Read My Word, would you? And then you could dare believe it. "Don't quote a word you've never read or quote a statute you do not know. Do not do this," says the Lord. "For a Sodomite will never be in control of My tabernacles. I Am Sending You My Deliverance "Hear this word, for you are robbing the people, and you are robbing those you hold captive in your forts, within your ranks, that I seek to deliver. But you won't let Me deliver them, for you hold them there in captivity of your own rules. "Release them, so that I may show them their destinies. Release them so that I may give them the promises I told them, and I may fulfill and make good on the promises I promised their ancestors that prayed for them. For I promised them families, fortunes, and promised them a great life, but you and your religious rebellion hold them against their will. For they go to bed and cry at night for deliverance, deliverance, and you show them only fleeting moments of, moments of, moments of pleasure in their flesh, but when those moments are gone, they cry like the man in the tomb, 'Deliver me, deliver me!'" For the Lord says, "Yay, I will, for I am sending the remnant toward you, and neither storm, nor wind, nor wave will keep them from coming to that tomb and calling you out. For I am sending you My deliverance," says the Lord, "so rest in that, and I will do it, whether a whole denomination tries to keep Me away. I will come and I will deliver you," says the King, "for your cry has been heard." Robin D. Bullock Church International :

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