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'The Sacrifice Of Praise' Cindy Jacobs

Hello, everyone. I've received an incredible word from God, and I'm excited to share it with you; it's been a blessing to me, and I believe it will bless you too.

Sometimes I feel like I'm not just prophesying to you but also to myself, yet it's good for us all. "In the midst of your challenges, offer up the sacrifice of praise," the Lord would say. And when you do, when you lift your spirit in praise, "then the angelic host begin to move on your behalf," says the Lord.

"The Lord says, you may think praise is for Me, and it is. But praise is for you, too, because what you praise Me for is what will manifest in your life." So ask yourself, are you praising Him in your trials? "If you do this," the Lord says, "you're going to witness breakthroughs you've long awaited." I urge you to embrace this word in your life.

This isn't a new revelation, but sometimes God reminds us of what we know, nudging us to apply it better. So, this is a word for you and for me. I was practicing this very thing this morning during my prayers, giving thanks and praise for everything. A little secret—I was dealing with a yippy dog while trying to sell a house, nonstop barking. And the Lord asked, "Can you thank Me even in this?" I didn't want to, but I did, and believe it or not, it opened up solutions.

So, let's return to the basics and offer the sacrifice of praise.



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