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The Role of The King & Priest Live Broadcast May 5 @ 6 PM CDT

Updated: May 3, 2022

With a Special Guest CAL PIERCE!

Cal Pierce is the founder and director of Healing Rooms Ministries and the author of Healing in the Kingdom and Preparing the Way.

Dr Theresa Phillips is the Author of the Monarchy of Heaven

This Teaching will help you engage in the Kingdom Of Heaven
Monarchy of Heaven By Dr. Theresa Phillips The Royal Priesthood is a Biblical participant in the Order of Christian Ministry
This Book is a Kingdom Concept describing the Order of Monarchy Rule from Heavens Viewpoint.
In this book, you will understand your role in the Kingdom.
How to respond to Kingship and Recognize the Realms of The Priestly Anointings.

This session will be amazing

We will just RISE the the realms of the King and take our place

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Thank you!


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