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Updated: May 1, 2023

As most of you realize, our society and culture is being cursed by the globalist cabal, which is the political and financial arm of the evil one, himself. Sold-out satanists are speaking curses against the church, our biblical heritage, and Christians in particular. Our nations are suffering terribly because of it. However, God has given us an antidote, and it is the power of the blessing. If someone has cursed a Christian leader or friend, we can, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, speak a blessing over them to neutralize that curse. God puts His words in our mouths and commands us to speak as “the oracles of God.”

The Hebrew Patriarchs understood the power of the blessing. When Jacob stole Esau’s blessing, Esau planned on killing Jacob because of his loss. Jacob prophesied over all his sons,and blessed the sons of Joseph as well, singling out the youngest for the greater blessing. The words we speak have power to bless or to curse. King Balak of Moab hired a prophetic man,named Baalam, to curse Israel, but, instead, Balaam

spoke a blessing over Israel. Our understanding of the blessing is still very limited, in my opinion, but God did give me a special insight into a blessing from the book of Ruth.

The book of Ruth is a book full of blessings. When Boaz visited his workers in the barley fields, he immediately spoke a blessing to them. Then the workers spoke a blessing back to him. Naomi spoke blessings over her daughters in law, and the people in Bethlehem spoke blessings over Ruth, Naomi and baby Obed. But the greatest blessing of all was given by Boaz to the humble Moabite woman, named Ruth.

God showed me how we can apply that blessing to others who have made special sacrifices to help the people they loved. He led me to write a very short little book called, The Boaz Blessing. It was published in a hardcover gift version by Inscribe Press and received endorsements from James Goll, Che Ahn, Patricia King


Through unusual circumstances, we were blessed with a special shipment on these limited edition hardcover books and I’m passing on the savings in time for Mother’s Day. Nobody deserves that Boaz blessing more than our mothers. However, you may have lost your mother, but have a friend you’d like to bless. Normally, priced around $15 or $16, while supplies last, we are offering them for just $10, including shipping (this applies to those in the US only. If you are outside the US, please email the ministry.

We will sign them and add a short word. A church just purchased 20 copies, which we shipped out today. Just let us know the name of the mother or friend you’d like to bless, and we’ll put that name in the book when we sign it. Please note, this special is not through Amazon. The link here or on the image, above, will send you to our ministry website where you can donate directly. If you have a special request of where to ship the signed book(s) within the US, please email us. Mother’s Day is right around the corner. To ensure timely delivery, please place your donation on the website today! Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day and God bless you all!

Papa Ben and Mama Brenda



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