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'The Battle For Zion ' Chuck Pierce

We are a people liberated to go beyond! The Lord freely gave His only Son to us, and when we give our best to Him then we experience all the benefits of His Son who broke the enemy’s headship. We can press through the narrow place and move forward in freedom! Our Av Firstfruits Celebration was an incredible time of expressing the sound and movement that prepares the way of the Lord. As Robert Heidler shared, this is a time to battle for the manifestation of God’s abiding presence – a battle for Zion. Where He dwells there is blessing, revelation, authority, protection, healing, forgiveness, salvation, provision, and joy. God is looking for those who have caught the vision and are devoted to see Zion once again manifested in the earth. Do not “settle” in Av but join me in declaring, “I am part of the advancing company of warriors that is winning the battle for Zion!”



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