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The 7 Mountains, Are They Calling You Theresa Phillips

WORD: OBTAINING THE 7 MOUNTAIN MANDATE. There is a FRESH Movement happening in the 7 Mountain Mandate. We will soon begin to see the Heirs of the Kingdom emerge. Kings and Priests will become evident in these spheres of influence. There are THREE reigning factors in this. #1 Faithfulness Includes Keeping your word. Being Loyal. Keeping your values intact.

#2 Holding yourself accountable Includes Being responsible Keeping your word. Being honest. Admit wrongs.

#3 Stop defending your offenses. Including Own your Mistakes. No Blaming others for how you FEEL. Make forgiving Others easy.

When these simple three keys are released in your life, you will see your sphere of influence begin to shift and grow. Shifting away from those fears that hold you back.

Many of our dreams and vision are not coming to pass because we have suffered an injury to the dream.

It could be competition. It could be lack of support. It could be fear of success. YOU have support GOD is with you He will never leave you He said Old men will have Dreams Young Men will have visions. Acts 2:17, In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people; your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. This is not about age its about maturity. Let's grow into our Purpose. And, you may have more than one! As one grows, we begin to see the purpose has moved from potential into activating promises. The highest role on the mountain is Jesus; he is King over all. If we understand the dynamic of submission to success, we have learned well. The art of submission is not the selling of our soul. It's the recognition we have much to learn. Learning even from those we may not be fond of may be the very key to obtaining success. Is ministry calling you? Business? Education? Media? Government? Family= Relationship development? Arts and Entertainment? If you are feeling called or even interested, you are probably on your way to obtaining the promises set before you. Promises of GOD never change. Yet, the way we obtain the fullness of them often takes us on a path we are not welcoming. Just keep Going. YES YOU CAN! Dear friend, The King of the hill is awaiting your Yes. Are you ready? Your first Yes is the First key to the Door of Success. And the time is NOW Seize the moment and GO FOR IT. The Kings Ambassador Dr. Theresa Phillips



Now Bathe yourself in the Glory Of God

Yes You Can

The Royal Soap is Ready and it has a Combination with The Royal Oil


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