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'Rise Up with a New Authority!' Chuck Pierce

This is a time to free yourself, so you gain access for the future. God is ready to bring us in so we can go to war again. As you meditate on this portion of revelation that was released in yesterday’s Celebration Service, I declare you will rise in your Kingdom authority!

“You’ve been hiding out. You’ve been pulling away, but I know where you are, and I’m pulling you back in a new way. This is My time to pull you into place. Quit backing away and resisting; be pulled in and let Me put your piece inside the vision for the future. This is a time of placement.

“I will be burning the night fires this week. So when you see Me nudge you, go to the night fire and gather toward Me and that will break the apathy that you have been in. I will call you to a night fire this week, for there will be a new dance that I put in you. You have pulled away and grown stiff, but when you come to the night fire, I will activate your dance in a new way.

“I Am re-forming My front line, and by Passover, I will know who goes through first and who leads the way. Come near to Me and let Me evaluate you these coming weeks. I need a front line to advance!

You have anxiety in your heart about the troop that you’re in and the ones causing trouble in your troop. Quit focusing on the ones in your troop causing trouble and begin to seek Me for the one that will come in from outside of the troop into the troop. As I reform the troop, I am relieving the anxiety of the troublemaker (the Judas) in your troop. There is one out there that I am calling in to replace that one causing concern. Relieve anxiety of the one in the troop and begin to seek Me for the one outside that’s going to come in.

“For the state of California: Take teams through those wine vineyards and decree the wine for the new will be made. Break that spirit that is trying to weigh the wine down. The spirit of Mammon has entered the wine fields but I Am ready for a confrontation!

“There is a new territorial authority I am releasing to My people this hour. I have given you territorial authority within the boundaries that I have assigned to you. Don’t bow down to the enemy that would try to come and take back what he thought he owned. Know I have put keys in your hands, and these are keys that will unlock your territory. This is an hour when a new authority is being released to My people, territorial authority.

See the boundaries I have assigned to you and know this is an hour to move forward and watch Me release My Glory in a new way. This is not the end -- this is the beginning of a new day for My people.

“I Am re-landscaping the portion that I have given you. Watch as I design the landscape. It will be occupied with My Glory, but watch for I am re-creating the area that I’m giving you authority in. Watch Me change your territory, and you rise up in a new way.

“I Am calling you to change your garment this season, for the places you will walk will need to have favor. Take off the garment of heaviness and wear favor. You’ve agreed with false humility far too long. If it is in your boundaries then it belongs to you. Wear favor this hour! The desires of My gatekeepers are being aligned. Receive the Jael anointing being put upon you so that you war for your family.”

Chuck D. Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Barbara Wentroble, Shatece McLeod, Chad Foxworth



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