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GOD Shows me strategies. So, sometimes God uses me to give a warning word to leaders. I’m going to tell you a story, a true story so that you understand, what IM saying.

We were with a Ministry one time for a period of time. It was a powerful and effective ministry around the world.  One night, the Lord gave me a dream. He showed me in the dream that the leader was misusing his authority by controlling them, and being harsh and not gracious. He actually had a rod and sometimes we get them to jump over gates and give them a smack with the rod. The sheep put up with it because they were trying to be good servants in this great ministry..
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Suddenly the Lord gave me a word,” tell him that if he doesn’t put down the rod of authority, I will remove it from his hand, one year from today.”

I wrote it on my computer and just kept it there and watched and prayed. Exactly a year later to the day the Lord spoke to me and said “print out. The word you had, and take it over to the meeting. It was a big meeting with all the pastors  of all the churches in this ministry.

As we weren’t an official part of this ministry I could not actually go into the meeting. I stayed outside the door and Asked  the leaders secretary.” are you going into the meeting?” And she replied.” yes.”  so, I handed her the paper with the word written on, and asked her to hand it to the leader before they closed the meeting because it was the last meeting of the conference. She did go in and handed the paper. to the leader who then read it to all of the pastors. And then he said “ what’s  next.”

This word that he just read had said that if they didn’t put down the rod God would remove it from his hand. Well obviously. he didn’t think the word was important.So so he ignored it, and continued to be pretty harsh with the people serving the ministry.

Exactly to the day, a year later was the beginning of the end of that ministry. In three months, there was no ministry.

Now I told you that to tell you that no matter how big and important that Ministry is, God will not allow his sheep, the sheep of his hand, to be abused, and not regarded. God will not allow his sheep to be beaten or put down or taken advantage of because they are HIS and precious in his sight. They are also Gods anointed.

If you feel you have been abused or manipulated, you can ask to share or even write. Of course, you cannot make people. receive what you say but you do have the right to say it. You do not have to be disrespectful or aggressive. Just remind them that you are Gods and anointed.too.

It is the spirit of elitism that enables ministries or leaders

To feel it’s OK to control people in a Lesser position but God doesn’t see it that way.

Hope that helps someone

Blessings,  Kathie  with a K


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