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'God Revealed In Many Ways' Dr Barbara Yoder

God has revealed himself in many different ways. With Moses, there was the God that Moses knew on the mountaintop. Then there was the God that those in the camp knew. And we know that they needed a little bit of help with their view of God.

Their view created the golden calf. But then there was the God that Joshua knew. All of them were the same God, but each one knew God differently, or, a different facet of God. I believe we are entering into a season where we cannot define who we know to be God as we knew him in the last season.

It’s not that he has changed, it’s that he is changing our view of him, enlarging it, seeing another facet of who he is. Stretching us!

Those Israelites in the camp knew God in a very limited and deficient manner. Yet Moses knew the majestic side of God. He knew the glory, the God who is glory.

Joshua came as the conqueror, the leader into battle. He knew God as the one who is victorious, leading them into battle to defeat multiple enemies, apprehending the prophetic promise originally given to Abraham. I believe it’s time that we ask GOD, are we seeing him in the way he is revealing himself in this hour.

There is a revelation of God that is about to blow our socks off! He’s going to surprise us all. And it’s going to be totally otherly!

We haven’t known him in this way before. Beautiful merciful Savior, Redeemer, coming as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, warring with violent raging love for those who don’t know him, those who have lost their way, lost hope, even those who have chosen to turn away for a season! Gripped by what I see.

Barbara Yoder


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