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God is Going to Send You To People and Places You Weren't Expecting! Bernice Scheidler

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Today I felt the Lord impress on my heart to go out and walk my trail because He wanted to speak to me! and He did about that very thing! ("GOING because He wanted to speak")

Sometimes God will send you to people or to places in order to speak to you. Just like He did with Jeremiah in Jeremiah 18, He told Jeremiah to go to the potters house, and that He would speak to him there. Jeremiah obeyed and went to the potters house!

When he got there he saw the potter working on his wheel and watched as he reworked the clay vessel. It was then that God gave him the message, and a very important prophetic assignment.

One of the ways God speaks is through illustrations! Just like the one Jeremiah saw.

Jeremiah was quick to obey and go, He didn’t argue with God, or tell God He could just continue to talk to him where He was.

God is going to send you to people and places In order to speak to you! There are things you need to see, hear and experience, in order for you to better understand what He is going to tell you, and assign to you, but it will only be revealed in going!

Sensitivity to follow and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit is vital at this moment.

Brushing off that prompting you feel, (thinking “if it’s God He will just speak to me here and now.”) will cause you to miss divine appointments, and opportunities the Lord has for you!

God will send you to people or places you weren’t expecting, or didn’t even think to go to. This is strategic on the Lord's part, He is moving you into new assignments, greater levels of responsibility, He is positioning for growth, increased favor and anointing in this season.

You are not being sent to everyone, and everywhere. Being zealous to be a part of everything that looks exciting will not be beneficial for you in the long term! There are very specific people and places God will send you to because they hold the keys to unlock what is needed in this next season!

I pray a sensitivity over you to hear and obey His voice.

Blessings over all God is going to do in and through you!

Bernice Scheidler

If You Love The Glory you Will Love this Encounter

So many Signs and Wonders are accessible to us all

We cant wait to see you there and watch what God will do!

Added is Deborah Alexander A Supreme Violinist


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