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'Delivered By Laughter' Bill Yount

Delivered By Laughter

We hadn't planned on it. We just wanted to get together for fellowship over a meal. just a few couples, and one we hadn't seen in years. I am sort of a caveman when it comes to getting together with people.

Being tired and feeling I needed a vacation away from planet earth, I forced myself to go, since we were invited.

I wasn't feeling spiritual and I wasn't in the mood to hear how God might be blessing others when I felt so spiritually dry.

It seemed to begin at the table right after we had eaten. There came such freedom to share the ups and downs in our lives as well as in ministry.

As we shared our discouraging times and even the bloopers we made in ministry, something began to take place...a strange joy began to descend upon us!

Such a freedom to share our hearts and become real people to each other seemed to untie heavy yokes that had somehow wrapped around us through everyday life and the mundane stuff that goes with ministry. This joy began to trickle down from on high and, amazingly, our "downs" became our "ups." As the joy of the Lord flooded us like a dam bursting, laughter became our deliverance.

At that moment I sensed the Lord saying, "You have just entered the highest place of fellowship with Me."

"In Your presence is fullness of joy." Psalm 16:11 (NASB)

Bill Yount



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