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Are you "row, row, rowing your boat” gently down a political stream called progressivism? Sociopolitical agendas promoted under the misnomer of "progressivism" are unsettling to me. Schemes like Planned Parenthood filling our schools with porn disguised as curriculum or efforts made by a school district with its local government seeking to allow children to undergo gender reassignment surgery without parental consent are full-blown crazy! Actions like these aren't anything new, though. In fact, history is repeating itself; it's a blast from the past as old as the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The political spirit has duped many into believing that the immorality displayed in modern culture is an enlightened perspective on the evolution of human beings. Think about it. Embracing immorality isn’t “progressive,” it’s regressive. I mean, can you imagine your child contemplating and choosing a sexual identity before their brains are even fully developed let alone them chopping off a body part to express that identity without you even knowing it? I’d go as far as to say that it’s intellectually dishonest to call culturally destructive agendas like this “progressive.” True progressivism isn’t a political stance, it’s divine problem-solving! What do I mean? Eric Hoffer explains it like this, “In times of change learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully prepared for a world that no longer exists.”I take this to mean that truly progressive people desire to solve the tremendous political challenges that we are facing in the 21st Century by addressing the root of the issue rather than producing symptomatic cures that only mask the actual problem. An authentic progressive mindset is exemplified in the life of Christ. He made peace in the lives of those He influenced; He didn’t take on the agenda of keeping the peace by appeasing everyone. There is a distinct difference between being a peacemaker vs. being a peacekeeper, which you can read about here. Progressive people understand that any advancements made to the human condition originate in fear of the Lord, as that is the true source of all wisdom. (Proverbs 9:10). Equipped with God’s spirit, true progressives are keenly in tune with the desires of God and are focused on advancing His will versus placating political pressure groups.


Many within the Church hear about immoral pursuits like the genocide of gender and the ethical cleansing taking place in our nation wonder if they should engage in the political chaos at all. Feeling like the government is an impenetrable force, Believers often question if they should even pay attention to politics, let alone care about it. But instead of asking if you should care about the government and the political processes guiding this country, consider asking yourself if God cares about them. The prophet Isaiah had some profound things to say about the responsibility and authority of government. Speaking of God’s government, he wrote, “There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace . . . the zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish this” (Isaiah 9:7). The two things we learn here from Isaiah is that the government of God is ever increasing and the purpose or fruit of God’s government is peace. It’s my personal conviction that God not only cares about government but He is more than capable of leading politically minded individuals, regardless of their party loyalties or misguided convictions. If you read your Bible, you’ve already discovered that God knows perfectly well how to influence nations, governments, kings, and kingdoms, even if we don’t. More importantly, Biblical precedence often shows God delivering His people into these broken systems to impart His will (whether we realize it or not). Faith in our government may be at an all-time low in this nation, but my faith in God could never be higher! Even Paul mentored the Romans with these seven insightful points to help shape their attitude towards the very government that was persecuting them for their faith in God. (Romans 13:1-7): 1. Government derives its authority from God Himself because He establishes it. Leaders, therefore, have responsibility and authority over other people. 2. Whoever resists governmental authority is resisting God Himself. 3. Government is a “minister of God,” and those who are employed to carry out their governmental obligations are “servants” of God. 4. People who are evil or who do evil should be afraid of those in authority because government is an avenger, commissioned to bring wrath upon evildoers. 5. Government bears the sword for the purpose of using it against evildoers. 6. God authorized governments, established for the purpose of keeping order and bringing peace to society, to fund themselves through taxes paid by the people. 7. We are to honor governmental leaders for their position.

Overall, government is commissioned with authority and those working within this structure are tasked with the responsibility of making peace within the nations. God cares not only about our role within government but also our attitudes under governmental rule.


Back in 2004, I was taken up in a vision that thrust me one hundred years into the future. I found myself standing next to an old man encircled by several generations of family, all listening intently as he exuberantly told them stories and mused over the past. He began to speak about the family’s noble roots and their royal heritage. He stared into the eyes of each one as if he were looking for greatness in their souls. He spoke of the great price their forefathers had paid to obtain such favor, wealth and influence from God and man. But it was what he did next that stunned me. He pointed to a majestic stone fireplace that rose about thirty feet to a vaulted ceiling. I looked over toward the fireplace mantle where a large, beautiful artist’s portrait of Kathy and me hung. I was breathless as he finished his exhortation: “All this began with your great-great-great-grandmother and great-great-great-grandfather!” I instantly came out of the vision, struggling to gather my thoughts. Next, I heard a thundering voice speak to my spirit: Your children’s children’s children are depending on you leaving them a world in revival. You are no longer to live for a ministry. From this day forward, you are to live to leave a legacy! It's imperative that as Believers, we understand that our children's children will inherit our government. It's vital that as true progressives (divine problem solvers), we realize that politically driven people are not our enemy, and the governmental arena is a God-ordained system that we should eagerly engage in with honor and nobility. Practically speaking, I want to encourage you to get involved in local, national, and global politics. Please get out and vote, and speak into the selection of our political candidates and laws. Practice political conversation apart from the influence of the political spirit. And, more importantly, take time to allow the Holy Spirit to imprint upon your heart His desires to bring health and wholeness to our government and political leaders. For more of my thoughts on America’s turmoil and the church’s silence, check out my most recent blog or pick up a copy of Heavy Rain to learn how to flood your world with God’s transforming power.

Kris Vallotton (


If we are to be heirs to the eternal kingdom one must know that the role of king and priest is conjoined. IN societies where the role of the priesthood is defined as merely preaching the good news… we must yearn to captivate the kings role by discovering the partnership of the role-s. The priest represents the anointed things and realms of the God head Spirit. The essence that makes eternity real. While kingship is the execution of the Government of God. As many would say there must be separation of church =Priest vs State The kings role = government. Sadly the thought is one that separation is sure… When in fact one without the other leads to moral decay, chaos, and identity confusion. Therefore the purpose of being chosen to represent the Royal Priesthood is now going to be offered to the diligent and faithful.  As The Christ prepares for his return Who will have excepted the divine right of kings? In this season we will see a rebirth of structure that will make the people feel safe in the kingdom.


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