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'Be Strongly Intentional About Developing Your Personal Skills' Dr Dave Yarnes

There is no rite of passage or ceremony where someone says, "It is now time for you to focus primarily on your individual strengths and skills."

I wish there were such a moment. Initially, your understanding of your unique skills and personal abilities might not be highly defined or even noticeable.

However, I guarantee that you will achieve more success in your field and enjoy more of the life that you are destined to live if you can be strongly intentional about identifying and focusing on personal skills with the greatest potential. This focused approach is fundamental as we plan our passion, own our life, and chart our course.

Identifying your individual strengths, skills, and the areas where you have the ability to achieve exceptional mastery can be a significant journey. In fact, it will take purposeful, focused effort on your part. There are several reasons for this.

As individuals, we can tend to be self-deprecating. We underestimate our skills and think, “If I can do it, anyone can.” There is a built-in tendency towards unpretentiousness and believing others are equally as skilled as we are in any given area.

Humility can be a virtue, but a continual self-deprecating mindset that devalues our personal strengths is a detriment to our prosperity and success. There are skills that you possess and operate at a higher level more than those around you. As you chart your course to a fulfilling and prosperous life, you will recognize areas of strength among your personal traits and recognize that you have the ability to become extraordinary.

Sometimes it helps if you realize that you are not prideful; rather you are accepting the gifts that God gave you. I use the question “What can you become the best in the world at?” in executive coaching exercises.

Many people fail to identify their own areas of extraordinary skill, where they have the potential for greatness, because they operate in those areas naturally with little effort and wonder why others are struggling. They are dumbfounded when someone else can’t see it because the solution is so apparent to them or the physical task is so easy for them.

Take some time to pray and seek the Lord and think about what giftings you carry that are truly powerful gifts from God. This could be your moment to step into that gifting and see what God does.

God Bless,

Dave Yarnes

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