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The Anointing that is coming is going to surprise many!

I saw the hand of the Lord come in to the below and begin to move people out of the way ...

Even some structural obstacles he was moving.

I saw a basket lowered down from heaven.

It was reminiscent of the time Moses Mother hid him in the bullrushes.

I asked what is this Lord?

Immediately He answered.

I am about to release those who have been hidden.

Those who have been in the secret place will come forth.

Prayer warriors are going to declare.

Children will have dreams and wake up and drop to their knees and begin to cry because they have been filled with the Holy Spirit while asleep.

A new movement is about emerge. Get ready for a new anointing.

It's young and FRESH says the Lord...

Get ready for a new sound coming from instruments Even the old fashioned instruments will emerge new and strong.

I'm going to put an emphasis on the flute and the tambourine!

Again I say a new ANOINTING is Coming Forth!

A Holy boldness will emerge and many deliverences will take place. Miracles will happen and scoffers will be SAVED says the Lord.

I ask you now as your Lord.

Humble yourself and pray and call upon me while I am near says the Lord.

The Kings Ambassador

Dr Theresa Phillips



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