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'Wake Up Joseph Wake Up Daniel ' Joni Ames

Joni Ames

This week I had visitation/experience I’d like to share with you.

I was sitting and meditating and suddenly felt the presence of the Lord and went into a open vision.

There was a huge man about the size of a football field laying on the ground. I wondered if he was dead.

A voice from above hollered to him to get up. I suddenly realized he was not dead but sleeping.

The Voice called to him a few times. He had been in such a deep sleep that it was difficult to wake him up.

Finally he began to move around and get set up. He was dressed in khaki pants and a flannel work shirt.

As he got up, I realized there was another man there on the other side of him as well. He also began to get up. He had a business suit on.

The first man’s name was Joseph and the other was Daniel.

The bottom line was that this was a representation of those who have been called to the Joseph or the Daniel anointing. In other words, marketplace ministry or the political arena.

The Voice said to them, “Awake! Awake! It’s time to wake up. Your 20 year wait is up.“

The number 20 can mean either Holy, tried & approved or unholy & found wanting. It’s been a season of testing and trial for many of you, and even a time of being subservient to others while you waited for your heavenly call to come to pass. It has been a time of dying to your dream before you lived to it. Just like what happened to Joseph.

These were those who represented those who were called to either the Joseph or Daniel offices but had waited a long time for the promise of that to come to pass. They had waited so long that they fell asleep. Some even gave up. But if that is you, the Lord is saying to you to wake up and rise up, for your appointed time is here. It’s now.

The Voice also said, “Remember why you are here.”

He is putting you into remembrance of all of the promises. Pull them forth again and remember them well. Wage war with the prophecies made concerning you. Every detail. This is your “for such a time as this” appointed time.

Go over the details of what being a Joseph or a Daniel means. Go over the details of your individual prophetic promises about it as well.

We have been told recently that there is going to be a food shortage. Joseph had been called to store things up for such a time as this. He gathered food to take care of those who had need of it.

Both Joseph and Daniel were called as political leaders. Some of you need to wake up and realize that it is time for you to step up to the plate and run for office and lead the people.

God says this past season was not in vain. He used it to prepare you as a vessel yielded to Him with the wisdom, discernment, knowledge, relationships, understanding of the times and seasons, and even how to discern and handle various types of people and situations, as well as obtaining the provision necessary for the call.

For many years the Lord has been showing me large 18 wheeler trucks full of provision that would pull into various places to provide for people in times of great need. You may be the farmer that is called to bring forth the provision that you have been hiding and storing up in your barns. You may be the truck driver that God has called to lead that army of provisions to its destination. You may be the business or the church that God has called to steward it.

It’s time to connect with the people God has for you to partnership with to be a part of the Joseph and Daniel company of today. You may not be the money man, but God will connect you with who is. Or you may be the money man and God will connect you with those of integrity who can help you disperse it to where it needs to go.

Divine positioning is taking place now. You are being properly placed in the Kingdom into the area and with the right people right now.

Divine distribution is also taking place. I saw the winds gathering provision from the north, south, east, and west and placing it into the proper hands.

It’s time for the Daniels to arise and release God’s people from the captivity, persecutions, suppressions, and practices of Babylon. Men of wisdom, faith, prayer, favor, and determination. Those who can discern the times and seasons like the sons of Issachar. A time of the changing of the guard over God’s people and God’s provision.

Favor is not a small thing. Favor is God’s authority which is higher than the authority a man or college can give. When you have favor you’ll be put into positions that people who have higher educations and more money than you could ever be placed in. Others will not know why but they suddenly choose you. It has nothing to do with education. God’s favor is the highest authority there is. It is unexplainable and divine authority.

Don’t give up! Get up!

No more waiting. Get up and get busy. Gather the other Joseph’s and Daniel’s. Encourage one another. For your long-awaited-for time is here and it is now.

Let’s roll!

Blessings, Joni Ames


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