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'The Jungle and The Garden' Ron McGatlin

Among the vast jungle of the world, God is establishing Spirit Garden spots here and there across the world.

The gardens are similar in many ways to the original Garden of Eden which was also set amid an unloving and harsh world of strife and competition among the inhabitants of the jungle of the world. (Genesis 3:17-19).

God is bringing together some of His new creation people in groups to tend the garden and enjoy its bountiful fruit and fresh waters of abundant life.

Spirit Father God and Son Christ Jesus in the Holy Spirit abide with His New Garden people as one family with them. In the New Gardens, the God family from heaven and Earth dwell together as one Spirit natural family. There is an unseen Spirit expandable dome covering and protecting the group from the evils of the jungle world. The dome expands as the Spirit gardens grow to encompass more prepared people of God. (Revelation 21:3) (Psalm 91).

The ways of God and heaven are present and dominant in the people and all of the various aspects of life in the New Gardens of God.


Outside of the gardens, the laws of the jungle prevail. In the jungle, competition breeds corruption in mankind and leads to strife and wars fought with evil beyond imagination. With no love of God, only the strongest and the most violent survive in the wars for the things of the world. Lust and fierceness drive the devouring of one another to the dissolution of all. (Matthew 24:6-13).

Death and darkness reign in the insanity of the once-prosperous Babylon until the fires of judgment dissolve all that does not honor God. (Revelation Chapter 18).

The darkness will grow increasingly dark as the light of the love of God shines even brighter from the New Garden of God on earth from heaven. (Isaiah 60:1-3).

All who come to the light of God will be saved and taken to heaven.

Those who are saved and have also fallen completely in love with God will be delivered to live in the New Garden of God.

While at the same time, those who see the light and curse it will be dissolved with all on earth that does not honor God.


The new-garden people are the seed families to replenish the world with kingdom-of-God people beyond the massive cleansing judgments of the harvest of the world. It is these New Garden people that will receive beauty for ashes and will rebuild the old ruins of the past jungle world which had been perverted by the rule of evil darkness. (Isaiah 61:1-4).

Candidates to become a living part of the New Garden people are now being selected and prepared. These are a new creation in Christ Jesus who are dead to the old-world order and are true sons and daughters of Father God Almighty.

They are endowed with love, wisdom, power, and a heart of passion for God and His people. None of them have all of God in them. However, they each have a part of the glorious supernatural and natural gifts of God within them. The love of Holy Spirit God fills their hearts and lives with righteousness, peace, and joy. As each garden fills with God’s chosen these foundational God endowments remain consistent among all. However, there are many personal and different giftings in individuals to be a special part of the practical and spiritual needs of the group. Each joint supplies its part or gift to the garden group. (Romans Chapter 12) (Romans 14:17).


A biblical term for the collective New Garden group is “ekklesia.” Ekklesia is a Greek word translated into English Bibles as “church.” The meaning of the word “ekklesia” is a called-out assembly for governance purposes. Matthew 16:18 “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church (ekklesia), and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”

Collectively within each group, there is an overall purpose or production that supplies something or things needed by other groups. This becomes a connection of love to the other groups and all becomes a single body of many garden groups all under the One Head of Christ Jesus Lord and King of this world.

Father God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit brings all things into the goal and purpose of the loving kingdom of God.

Babylon the false system of the fallen world is forever destroyed from Planet Earth and the New Jerusalem (New Garden, ekklesia) reigns with the love of Father God under the one Head and King Christ Jesus. (Matthew Chapter 21) (Isaiah 9:6-7).

As Babylon is destroyed, the garden groups become the cities of God. Thus, this world becomes as it is in heaven.

The New Jerusalem, Bride of Christ is the love rule of Spirit God abiding in His chosen people glorifying God as He demonstrates the beauty of His creation on Planet Earth to all creation.


The kingdom that is within us wants to get out of us into a surrounding of others in whom the kingdom will also dwell. This is not everyone that is a Christian or who may believe they are in the kingdom of God because they joined a church or say they received Jesus and are going to heaven when they die. Yes, they may well be going to heaven when they die and that is awesome but that is not the same as bringing forth the kingdom of heaven on Earth. (Luke 17:21-30).


The New Garden people are those that are part of heaven coming to earth now in this life. Christ Jesus manifests His life in a chosen called-out people that are willing to lose their worldly or Babylonian life to allow the life of Christ Jesus to live within them in this world by the Holy Spirit. This is those who have truly fallen in love with God and become one with Him by love union or marriage to the Lamb of God and become the true Bride, the New Jerusalem. (Matthew 6:10) (Matthew 10:34-39) (Matthew 16:24-28).


Many are called but few are chosen. To be among the called is GOOD and being chosen is BEST. Someone has said that good is the enemy of best. If we settle for good we will not achieve the best.

The church systems have produced many called or new creation people who are set on going to heaven when they die, but few if any New Garden, New Jerusalem, or “Ekklesia” truly mature Bride people.

All the natural advances from God for mankind are intended to be useful in accomplishing His goal and intent for mankind and all creation on earth. Yet mankind including many Christians have devised alternate plans for these assets and have allowed lukewarm to cold religions such as humanism and intellectualism to pervert the use of God’s provisions from the goals of God to those of anti-God evil darkness.

The chosen are those who can see and desire to use the assets of God such as the technology of communication, travel, medicine, education, and much more for the plans and purposes of God. Can you imagine the effect on this world if all mass media were used by the one true God to plant His love, His ways, and His kingdom in the hearts of all mankind?

God’s plan is for all mankind that is ruling in this world to be in love with Him and thereby produce His true kingdom of love reality into all aspects of life in this world.

A seed is a small thing but the whole of a fruitful tree can be contained in the small living seed. A garden begins with seeds planted in good soil and nurtured with light, water, and nutrients.

The New Gardens of God are being seeded now. A word, a vision, from God sown with love in the hearts of His Bride, is the living pattern seed of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Someone has said, “Do not despise small beginnings.” (Zechariah 4:10)

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. Luke 12:32.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33.

Love never fails and, His kingdom never ends.


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