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Life Joan Hunter ( Essentials for Christian Living)

Life Joan Hunter ( Essentials for Christian Living)

Too often people are drawn to the church altar to repeat a salvation prayer and then go home wondering, "Now what?"Joan Hunter asked Christians in a survey, "What information would you have liked to know immediately after you were saved?" Life Essentials for Christian Living! provides foundational answers to over seventy questions received from this survey, including topcs about" Your relationship with God and hearing His voice " Giving, baptism, prayer, worship, and other Christian practices " Versions of the Bible " Healing, supernatural experiences, and spiritual warfare " Eternal life " And much, much more! Christianity is not a momentary experience; our walk with God lasts a lifetime on earth and into eternity. If you have questions about Christianity or know new Christians searching for answers, Life! shares the basic principles of Christianity in simple terms.Get Life! and love life everlasting!!!

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