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' When Truth Is Attacked' Garris Elkins

There is always a danger when something unusual happens and we try to create a prophetic-sounding meaning to the event. All of us can be susceptible to such an enticement. These events should not be dismissed out-of-hand because of the fear of being misunderstood, labeled, or mocked preventing us from discovering the deeper meaning of what is transpiring.

On Monday, the news reported that Commander, the President's dog, had bitten a Secret Service officer. This was the 11th time in four months the dog had bitten a Secret Service officer.

As I read the report, I wondered what would have happened to my dog if she continued to bite people in my neighborhood acting with increasing levels of aggression. I’m amazed something had not been done to stop Commander's displays of aggression.

I was curious about the number 11. I researched its meaning in biblical numerology. The number is significant. It symbolizes disorder, chaos, and judgment. Eleven can also refer to what would happen in the 11th hour of a developing situation.

The number refers to the revelations that come in a transition to inform of us of what's happening.

It has been said a dog is man’s best friend. In the case of Commander, he may be the best indicator of what is happening between our government and those they are called to serve and protect. A dog stands between his master and any incoming threat.

Commander and his increasing aggression provide insight into what is happening inside the Whitehouse's spiritual realm. To get close enough to initiate righteous change in our government has created unwarranted attacks on those who would dare challenge the regime and its agenda.

It has become a form of blood sport for some who want to rag on whoever occupies the Oval Office no matter what party they represent.

While our nation is displaying increasing disorder and chaos, those things are being protected by the bite of the enforcement arm of our government warning us to keep our distance while the chaos and disorder deepens.

As believers, we are called to something higher that will have a greater impact. Prophetic indicators, like what an 11th dog bite might represent, are given to us to inform our intercession and to provide instruction on how we should proceed as an intervening presence in the middle of deepening chaos and disorder.

This kind of intercession and response is an act of love – a love that does not back away from confronting the actions and legislation of our government that bring harm to our families, our nation, and the world.

Our prayers and acts of love can seem weak to those unfamiliar with spiritual warfare. The results of these prayers and any resulting action we take can act as a muzzle not only for the spiritual aggressors in our midst, it will also put a muzzle on our mouths when we want to savage another person like a government official or a person who holds a differing opinion.

Our warfare in times of chaos and disorder will not leave behind bite marks that tear and rip another person apart.

It will leave behind the kind of redemption that leads people to Jesus. That is the only hope for a nation when it appears chaos and disorder are in command and being protected from a challenge to its agenda.

Garris Elkins



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