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'Stay Above The Fault Line In 2024 ' Jan Jansen

The Lord spoke to me recently in the early morning hours as

I was asking what He wanted to show me for 2024…and He

clearly said, “Stay above the fault line”. I had to study this as

it’s been a long time since I took science in school.

Found online: The Earth has four layers: the inner core, outer

core, mantle and crust. The crust and top of the mantle make

up another area called the "lithosphere," which acts like a

skin surrounding the Earth's surface.

The lithosphere, however, is not in one piece and exists like a

puzzle or series of fragments. These parts of the lithosphere

are not stationary and move slowly. These are called

"tectonic plates."

As the tectonic plates move and shift past one another, they

occasionally bump or collide. This places stress on the

plates' edges. When the stress becomes too great, it creates

cracks called "faults." The point where these faults move

against each other is called the "fault line."Fault lines

represent fracture lines on the surface of the Earth where

rocks on either side of the crack have exhibited mechanical

movements to release accumulated strain.

The composition of Earth’s tectonic plates means that they

cannot glide past each other easily along fault lines, and

instead produce incredible amounts of friction. On occasion,

the movement stops, causing stress to build up in rocks until

it reaches a threshold. At this point, the accumulated stress

is released along the fault line in the form of an earthquake.

When there is too much friction between the fault lines,

energy is released suddenly, triggering seismic waves. If the

fault line is underwater it can create a tsunami.

On a personal level, Spiritual fault lines are beliefs about God

that divide humanity between a place of flourishing and a

place of brokenness. This can occur due to trauma in our

personal lives or even in our world. Any point of wounding,

trauma, and even our life circumstances can lead to great

seismic activity in our souls at any given time. Just as an

earthquake can occur suddenly in the earth, we can also

experience a spiritual earthquake or even a tsunami that we

don’t see coming.

Staying above the fault line in our personal lives means not

focusing on our natural circumstances, but instead, keeping

our focus entirely on the Lord….Who He is…What He is

doing…and Where we put our faith.

I heard: “everything that can be shaken”….. The effects of

the shaking that is coming will be experienced in the seen

and the unseen realm.

In a large point of view there is a LOT of seismic activity in

the Spirit right now with friction between dark and light…and

it’s coming to a point of sudden quaking! Lord said not to

focus on all we feel is coming that may be harsh or difficult,

for it is necessary for ALL things to be shaken. Focus on

what He is doing through all this shaking.

As quoted by a prophet friend of mine, David Carpenter, in

New York, “There are 7 major tectonic plates in the earth.

Beneath these plates are molten rock that create enormous

pressure. Tsunamis are caused by subduction movement of

these plates. Great shaking is taking place. Some is satanic

and trying to bring dominion on the earth. Some is the great

pressure of prayer and prophecy that has built our fervor and

expectation of a seismic shaking in the earth that will usher

in the greatest and final tsunami of deliverance

and transformation we have ever seen. “This will not be a season

where bandaids will be applied to bandaids. The Ekklesia has

directed its prayer. The tectonic plates are about to undergo

a shift, causing a great shaking, followed by the greatest,

most miraculous, transformational display of the Lord’s Glory

that we have ever seen.

Revival and displays of God’s Glory has always come in

waves or tides. These revivals have come in cycles, bringing

hope and change, yet they come and go. They have been

“measured” refreshing. But the tide is turning and what will

happen will be of tsunami effect. It will impact the earth in a

way we have not seen.”

End quote…..

We are in a great place of expectation…like never before.

The Lord compared it to Elijah sending his servant to check

for rain.

1 Kings 18:41- “There is the sound of the ABUNDANCE of

rain”……I feel like we are Elijah looking for that abundance of

rain, but all we are finding is a cloud the size of a fist….. but

we know something big is coming.

Reminds me of the groans and labor of creation in Romans

8:22- “We know that the whole creation has been moaning

together in the pains of labor until now….”

I woke up early another morning recently (in this month of

December), and as usual, I was surrounded by my 4 dogs.

Two laying next to me under the covers on the right, and two

behind me on the left. I couldn’t even roll over! I often lay in

bed and pray early in the morning when my house is quiet. I

said “Lord I might as well pray because I can’t move”…

and Igiggled.The Lord spoke to me about the situation with the

dogs. He not only speaks to me on a high spiritual level, but

He also speaks in ways that as a human, I can relate. Just as

a natural father might speak to his child.

He said, “As your dogs lie next to you, so it is with Me and

my children. The dogs lay next to you to protect you, but also

that you provide for their needs by protecting them. Thus it is

with me.” He said to stay close to Him right now and we will

be protected, and also be able to receive from Him for all our

needs. I heard, “Peace and calm at the side of the Father….in

the eye of any storm.”

Staying on the dog subject…..Then He said, “My people need

to stop licking their wounds” and need to get serious. My

people have whined and complained about frivolous things

for way too long now. It’s time to become soldiers.”

While praying for my children, I had a revelation about my

upbringing without a father due to divorce. Similarly, my now

fully grown son experienced a fatherless upbringing, and

now my three younger children are also without a father. The

parallel struck me deeply. I asked the Lord to define this for

me. Why had my family been continuously attacked?

He said, “This is the “Orphan Spirit”. I knew about the

Orphan Spirit but never applied it this way. He said the

enemy had done much damage in destroying families so that

children would not realize their inheritance and destiny, not

only in their natural family, but also in the Lord.

The Orphan Spirit can stunt a person naturally and spiritually.

It lies, and says God is not good, and is the opposite of Who

He really is. It convinces a person that all fathers are bad.

 Anorphan mindset can completely ruin a person’s walk in life. A

lack of understanding of a father’s love can distort a picture

of God’s parental role making believers constantly fear

rejection, fearing being overlooked, punished and judged.

They have no confidence in God’s love and protection and

doubt that he is Good.

This is a year of us realizing who we are and operating in the

fullness of our identity. God is calling out this Orphan Spirit

and will bring much healing and restoration in the process of

restoring identity.

As we begin a new year in 2024, we need to hold fast to

Hebrews 4:16- “Let us then fearlessly and confidently and

boldly draw near to the throne of grace (the throne of God’s

unmerited favor to us sinners), that we may receive mercy

(for our failures) and find grace to help in good time for every

need (appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just

when we need it).

Pastor Jan Jansen

Senior Pastor The Fire Church, Murfreesboro, TN

President Global Fire Ministries

Join Jan Jansen Bonnie Jone sand Theresa Phillips

on Keys in the Prophetic

2 January 2024 @6pm CDT


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