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Live Broadcast Theresa Phillips Jan Jansen Bonnie Jones

Updated: Jan 16

Women In leadership is the Topic

Your Host Dr Theresa and Reverend Robert Phillips Dr Theresa Phillips and Husband Robert have a unique ministry Of Prophecy and Miracles  they Pastor a church Praise MInistries International in Saint Charles IL

Their hearts are to see Gods glory cover the earth with signs wonders miracles and prophecy from Heaven.

They believe each person has unique gifts and should be used by God.Souls winning is vital to them Acts 16:31 31 And they said, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household."

 Bonnie Jones Ministries There’s a last day battle-taking place in the earth today and God’s army is called to action. The Bride of Christ can no longer observe; they are called to participate. Each one is called to arm themselves with power and light and be prepared for action. These are the sons and daughters of Light who no longer sit in darkness. And as His love is being perfected among them, they have boldness because as He is, so are they in this world. – 1 John 4:17

Jan Jansen  Global Fire Ministries Jan’s desire is to see people walk in their full destiny by intimately knowing the Person of the Holy Spirit. Jan is a true dreamer and Seer. Through the years of journaling and inquiring of the Lord, Jan’s ability to understand visions and dreams has grown and matured and has been tested and proven to be highly accurate and credible. Angels surround her ministry and are often in operation as she ministers at various conferences and meetings. Jan moves with great compassion toward those who have been tormented and afflicted by the devil. Healings and deliverances often take place as she prays over those whose bodies have been ravaged by affliction, sickness, and disease.


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