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Updated: Apr 12

Recently, I heard the Lord say, ‘Divine intel and intercession is about to significantly increase — LISTEN.’

When the Lord spoke those words, there was an urgency of the hour that we are living in that surrounded me stronger than I had felt it.

I also felt the fear of the Lord strongly upon me as the Lord spoke, ‘LISTEN.’ When He spoke that word, there was such a strong call to ‘FOCUS.’ This was a call to not be distracted, but to position ourselves deeper and deeper in the secret place and in the Word to hear what the Lord is releasing.

As the Lord spoke, ‘Divine intel and intercession are about to significantly increase,’ I saw what looked like a huge tidal wave in the Spirit. When I looked closer at this wave, I saw that it was a wave of divine intel and intercession that was coming in force and with power to BIRTH that which the Lord is wanting to birth in the Church and in the earth.

As I saw this tidal wave I heard the call deeper and deeper into the secret place and to be ‘consecrated and set apart in prayer.’ The sound of Matthew 6:6-7 was so loud in the Spirit:

‘But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you. When you pray, don’t babble on and on as the Gentiles do…’

There are secrets of the Lord’s heart and divine intel that He is releasing in this hour, but is going to significantly increase in the coming months and beyond. He is going to give His people keys to partner with Him in a level of intercession that they have not walked in before. I could hear the Lord saying, ‘Be even more devoted to prayer and fasting. Be even more devoted to prayer and fasting.’ But this was not from a place of striving, this was from a place of deep consecration and being SET APART TO CARRY HIS HEART.

I then heard the Lord say:

‘My eyes are roaming the earth, looking for those who are My friends. I am looking for those whose hearts are fully devoted to Me. I am looking for those that I can trust with My heart and My divine intel. Those who are living before Me in humility, purity of heart and deep intimacy with Me — who will not take the intel that I am releasing and parade My secrets. I am looking for those that I can trust with the secrets of My heart: for in this hour, I am releasing divine revelation, secrets, mysteries and intel that must be stewarded with purity and integrity before Me.

History will be changed and great moves of My Spirit and power will be seen and will be birthed through the place of intercession — through the faithful who are living in the revelation of the privilege that it is to partner with Me in holding My secrets and My heart and intercede WITH ME.

‘I am increasing the groans. I am increasing the burdens of My heart to My people. I am increasing divine insight, and sight to see as I see. I am moving My people, as they lean in and listen, to a place of such divine intel and revelation, that there will be a greater place of praying on the offence rather than the defence. I am bringing My people up higher in intercession: and in order to move with Me in this higher realm of intercession, you must remain close to My heart and deep in My Word.

‘The divine intel, keys and increased discernment I am releasing in this year, is to be revered and not used for gossip, for platform building or any impure motive. There is a deeper schooling of handling my intel with integrity, and an awakening that I am bringing My people into, of the power of prayer and intercession. There is a greater realm of governing in intercession and warfare that I am bringing My people into in this hour. Those who are leaning in and listening to My heart, I am bringing you deeper into the school of divine intercession. I am bringing you deeper into receiving My supernatural strategies of My heart to pray, to overturn, to bring down and to establish that which I am doing in the earth.

For there are such sacred keys of divine intel for nations that I am releasing in this hour that will see My Glory and My Kingdom established, and make way for mighty demonstrations of My power and majesty, amidst great shaking.

‘The call to prayer and coming away to pray is getting louder and louder. Can you hear the call? Can you hear the trumpet sound? Can you hear the rumbling of prayer and intercession arising in the earth that will cause the nations and the earth to shake as I ARISE as the King of Glory in the earth? Come away! Come away into the place of prayer in greater ways. Listen to My call to you in this hour. Listen to what you must leave behind to cleave deeper to Me in prayer. Listen to Me and My leading and the call to make room for greater encounters with Me in intercession, to birth My plans and purposes in the earth.

The birthing and the groaning is getting louder, the birth pangs are getting stronger. There is greater shaking coming where the enemy is going to attempt to incite greater fear in the earth, but I am bringing a shaking through My people as they pray and intercede with Me. A shaking in the earth as I ARISE as the King of Glory and the Great and Almighty One who sits on My throne and I laugh (Psalm 2:4).

‘Here I come in great power, authority and majesty through My people. There is about to be a greater awakening and transformation in the Church around the POWER of prayer and intercession, and how I am going to show My people — in ways they have never seen exactly — what CAN and DOES happen when you pray. Watch for what I will do and watch for spiritual sight to see what happens in the spirit AS you pray.

I am raising up a people of prayer. I am raising up My people in greater ways to HOUSE MY HEART in prayer intercession with greater divine intel. It’s time!!!’

Lana Vawser


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