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How to Develop an Apostolic Mindset in Your Church or Ministry Dr Kluane Spake

An apostolic mindset is the essential element needed in order to have a cutting-edge local church or ministry. An “Apostolic Mindset” refers to building an atmosphere where not only does the Lord manifest His presence and speak to His Body, but the Body knows how to respond and understands what to do next!

Moving past the enjoyable days of feathers and gold dust, an apostolic culture is transformational – and it builds purpose and intentional living. It makes a difference in the world we live in today. This apostolic influence brings heaven to earth… in a way that we can co-exist with the spiritual realm on earth today – in our NOW.

By “apostolic mindset” I am referring to change. A change needs to come in the atmosphere of the local church as well as the global Body of Christ.

Minister to the Lord, hear His instructions and do it.

Here’s the difference! Worship is not about emotional hype – it means to present your body as spiritual worship (Rom.12 NIV).

Your BODY.

As we learn to enter into the presence of God and maintain that position, we discover that there is a response from Him. God has MUCH more to say! Much more. But… we have to begin to be more carefully obedient to those Divine instructions. As the old adage goes, we pray and we obey. There is a corresponding direction.

The Leaders are strategic.

Leaders with Apostolic Mindsets disciple and empower others! Strategic focus is pivotal. Lives are totally transformed and changed.

Believe me, it is not about having one more program or one more skit. It is time for God to speak clearly and drill down deeply into the causes of lethargy.

Like Samson of old, many churches like this would not even know it if the Holy Spirit departed (left them).

The Body Grows and Matures

Much of the church is still dependent. They cannot well discern the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our mandate as leaders is to GROW the church – not numerically to be bigger, but individually to become mature.

The question is, “How can we enable each individual believer to achieve their destiny? And how can they use their giftings in our corporate setting as well to work together for good?

The Church Must Move Out Beyond The Four Walls.

The traditional activities of endless empty and powerless meetings are over.

Apostolic leaders must begin to build strategies and programs that cause the believers to get out of the Church building and touch lives. That means children, those in prison, unwed mothers, the homeless. We need to instruct on practical issues like building the best resumes, writing a will, leaving a legacy, and balancing the budget.

We must expand our effectiveness and become INFLUENCERS of nations.

The Quickened Word of The Lord Should Be Preached Every Week

Not just one subject is preached at every meeting. You may be evangelistic, but your members don’t want to get saved every week! You may be a “Prophetic Church” but you also need to also talk about managing your life, changing the world, Holiness, etc. We need the full counsel of the Word.

And Importantly... we don’t preach what we did years ago! The Lord is moving. There is more to say. Things aren’t happening as they did a few years ago. There is a NOW message! It must be what the Spirit is saying to their church!” It is fresh, new, alive, and quickened.

All the Gifts Should Function within the Membership

An Apostolic Mindset includes all the Gifts. Not just one Gift is predominant. We carry the Gifts needed for the moment. Everything should be in order and those who operate in the Gifts are trained and trusted.

May we build this apostolic mindset in order to minister to the lost, accelerate redemptive reform, preach the NOW Word of God, and raise up mature believers who will disciple the diversity in all nations – remembering that it’s not by power or by might but by the Spirit of the Lord (Zech. 4:7).

Excited to talk to you again soon...

Dr. Kluane Spake

Leading REFORM -- Equipping Today's Reformers!


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