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'A Prayer Over Chicago' James Nesbit

Father, through the Blood of the Son we magnify You!

We thank You, that the Lamb slain from the foundation is enthroned over Chicago, and the lightning bolts and

“All Consuming Fire” of Eternal Justice

Are causing an upheaval of every dimension of the consortium of darkness, as the rod of the Lamb breaks forth over the city!

“And the Seven Thunders of the Spirit of the Lord rest upon the city-as the Spirit of “TRUE WISDOM” exposes the false wisdom for what it truly is!

We declare the awakening of the understanding of the “Bright and Morning Star” is lighting up every bloodline connected to Chicago;

As the Spirit of counsel and strength,

Are loosed, causing the enemies of the Living Lamb to be made HIS footstool from city block to city block!

The Spirit of knowledge of Holy, uprooting and breaking down, destroying and overthrowing,

So the building and planting of the Kingdom explodes in this hour, and of the [reverential and obedient] fear of the Lord— shakes every soul in the region as mercy delivers them from the sorceries of the darkness!

Thank You Father, for those who delight in the fear of the Lord, not judging by what their eyes see, Nor make decisions by what their ears hear; But with righteousness and justice “ The Spirit of Justice” judging the poor, And deciding with fairness for the downtrodden of the earth; And He shall strike the earth with the rod of His mouth in this hour, And the breath of His lips dealing “ Justice to the wicked.”

Yeshua, in Your Name we pray, we love You Righteous Lord!

James Nesbit


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