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'A God Encounter ' Yolanda Ballard

I shared a hug from the Lord with others!!!

I experienced something I never had before. I was at church and a lady, and her husband walked by me and suddenly, I felt arms reaching out to hug them. They weren't mine! I thought was it my spirit man wanting to hug them. No, it was Jesus wanting to hug them! I didn't respond immediately like I should have because I was just trying to figure out what had happened!

We must be so sensitive to the leading of the Lord to allow Him to live His life though us. He wants to use our arms to love others, to use our hands to heal people! As soon as I could I hugged the lady and her husband, and she thanked me because she really needed that encouragement and support from the Lord especially after hearing that the Lord really wanted to give them the hug!!!

Praise the Lord! I pray that we all become so sensitive to His leading, to never quench the flow of His spirit, and become so obedient to His heart's desire immediately.

Lord, help us to become so sensitive to Your heart's desire to use us to share your love with others. Change us by giving us these types of encounters with changing encounters. We need you to move through us to touch the lost with Your love!!! We want to see your signs follow those who believe...all of them, to raise the dead, heal the sick, blind eyes opened, ears being able to hear, lepers healed, delivered and restored. Use us, Lord, Jesus! Live Your life through us I pray in Your name, Jesus!!

Yolanda Ballard


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