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'A Calling Confirmed' Dr Lance Wallnau

Do you question your calling, or are you clear on your life purpose? Here are some ways that the Lord confirms our direction in life. METHOD I: AWE-INSPIRING EXPERIENCES WITH GOD This one's a no-brainer and the one we most want. There are incidents in which God intervenes in a special awe-inspiring way in the life of leaders. For others, it was not only an overwhelming presence but also a revelation from God. This could sometimes be an audible voice, sometimes speaking through an Angelic being, sometimes a shaking dream, etc. Such experiences are NEVER FORGOTTEN over a lifetime. THE RESULT OF SUCH ENCOUNTERS usually are: 1. An indelible experience that lasts for a lifetime. You know God is real and that you are serving an awesome God. You can always come back to this experience and it encourages you on through life. 2. God affirms who you are or what you are to do for Him. 3. You are left with a sense of destiny—that is, you know that your life is moving with God. You are involved in something bigger than yourself. METHOD II: INDIRECT DESTINY EXPERIENCES In my history, this one is best if it's a powerful prophecy. God does not always break into our lives with awe-inspiring experiences. Sometimes our destinies hinge on other people’s actions on our behalf. We may not even have had a choice in them. For example, in this kind of incident, the person can experience a sense of destiny, which comes through another person. METHOD III: PROVIDENTIAL CIRCUMSTANCES In this kind of incident, the person realizes that in the providence of God, he/she senses the Lord has a special purpose for them. In retrospect, one can see the hand of God in using BIRTH CIRCUMSTANCE, such as geography, location of birth, timing of birth, contextual factors that press, etc., as all lining up toward God’s purposes. An accumulation of these when VIEWED AT A LATER POINT in time will give confirmation that God is indeed in the life-time direction. Sometimes this kind of activity by God is called the “left hand of God.” It is probably most clearly seen in the life of Joseph.

This Third Method can be seen when in retrospect, a leader sees or observes an accumulation of past experiences or providential circumstances that confirm the leader has been led by God and should be doing something for God because of this evidence. For example, Joseph’s jealous brothers sold him into slavery. He was taken to Egypt and sold to Potiphar, an important military leader. Then, put in prison, promoted, and positioned before Pharaoh. This providence in circumstance is a way in which destiny is confirmed.

METHOD IV: THE BLESSING OF GOD An unusual statement is made about Joseph in Stephen’s historical narration in Acts 7. It is said of Joseph, “God was with him.” And in the Genesis account of Joseph’s life, beginning with Genesis 39, there is the repeated phrase in “whatever thing he turned his hand to”—GOD GAVE HIM SUCCESS and blessed him. THIS KIND OF AFFIRMATION imparts a tremendous sense of destiny. When a leader enjoys the powerful presence of God in life and ministry and has repeated experiences, which show that God is blessing that life and ministry, this accumulated evidence sustains a strong sense of destiny. Direct experiences with God, other people's confirmation, providential circumstances and God's outright blessing on our labors all CONFIRM the plan and destiny of God. I edited these notes from the invaluable archives of Dr. Bobby Clinton. Let them bring you clarity! As One, Lance Wallnau


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