The Advancing Kingdom

The Advancing Kingdom

The Advancing Kingdom Jonathan Welton & Jim Wies Many Christians have a limited view of God and His Kingdom. For centuries we have viewed His Kingdom and His Kingdom agency, the Church, from the limited perspective of our own experiences and the traditions of man. With such a narrow perspective, it is no wonder most people think there has to be something more to this than what we are currently seeing. And there is! The Advancing Kingdom offers a fresh perspective on the Kingdom of God by rising above what we have seen in the Church so far and taking a look at what it could be and will be. God has in mind a glorious expression of His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven, expressed through a people full of revelation, power and unprecedented love. In The Advancing Kingdom, Jonathan Welton and Jim Wies have done an incredible job of debunking and unmasking the doctrinal error which the church has embraced as biblical truth. They offer hope and exciting anticipation regarding the posture and function of the Body of Christ in the coming days.

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