Come Up Higher  Paul Cox

Come Up Higher Paul Cox

"Come up higher!" I first heard these words on August 17, 2004, in a prophetic utterance from Mimi Lowe of Toronto, Canada, as she stood within an angel: "Yes, the Establisher is here to establish what he wants to establish. He'llenlarge our spirits to receive all he has for us, to take us higher and higher, into realms beyond where we've never been and dimensions not yet uncovered. You will come closer to the glory realm; get ready for liftoff because you are going up. Come on up. You are not high enough. Angels are waiting to receive you; come on, come on, come on." Come Up Higher is written for those who want to soar with God. Though we may be weighed down by our own issues or those passed down from our families, we don't have to stay there. This book offers insight and specific prayers to set us free to follow after God. He will set our feet upon new spiritual heights.There is always more for those who dwell in heavenly places. Come Up Higher is a statement of faith for those who choose to believe

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