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'You Were Created For A Noble Purpose' Kris Vallotton

A VIRTUE-LESS PEOPLE Have you ever looked at society and wondered if nobility, morality, and sacredness have been eroded from the roots of our history? It can feel like we live in a day and age when morality has become relative, nobility is most often found in fictional stories, and virtue-less people consider righteous standards as religious oppression. With this at the forefront of our news articles, I’ve recently been wrestling with the question: “What does it mean to be noble?” Now, the truth is without the grace of God we would all be enslaved to the sins of this world, entangled by the snares of the enemy, and chained to the lies about our identity. But, the truth is even in a world that tells us feelings are fact and our temptations should be embraced, we are not defined by either of these things, but rather by the virtues we cling to. Now, before we go any further let’s take a look at where in scripture we can find hope in the face of temptation — Hebrews 4:15 states that Jesus was tempted in every way, not just in some ways or a few ways, but in every way. So, if you are sitting here today as you read this blog doubting if your specific struggle is covered by the blood, or if there really is freedom available for you, remember Jesus was not defined by His temptations or His earthly struggle. He was defined by His virtues; by how He chose to respond to the reality of a fallen world around Him. What I am getting at is the evidence of the Holy Spirit in our lives is the fruit of the Spirit and self-control is the very fruit that is produced by the power of the Holy Spirit within us. Yet, I’d propose modern Christianity has become more about sanctioning sin and calling it unity than it is about God or His kingdom. I am afraid we have adopted a Gospel that is more concerned with mitigating the offense in our congregations than calling people to live above the snake line of the enemy; Rather than living from the fullness of grace available through the power of the cross that enables us to live free from the schemes of the enemy. What I am getting at is we don’t have an excuse as Believers to live entangled in our temptations, swayed by our passions, and pulled by our past. But, by the grace of the Gospel, we have the ability to live in righteous nobility. 18 SIGNS YOU ARE LIVING OUT OF NOBILITY In a world where nobility might feel like a foreign concept, ancient practice, or distant philosophy you might be wondering what living a life of righteous nobility practically looks like. Here are eighteen signs (now there are probably many more, this is just a start) you are living out of your noble identity: 

  1. You live from stances and not circumstances.

  2. You manage your appetites, they don’t control you, you control them.

  3. You keep your word even when you have to sacrifice to do so.

  4. You have a secret life with God in which you would be honored if someone discovered it.

  5. You are generous and sacrificial.

  6. You are in control of your emotions.

  7. You forgive and you don’t hold grudges.

  8. You live in peace and joy.

  9. The favor of God is on you in a way in which others experience it.

  10. You fear God only and live above the snake line of the fear of man.

  11. You have a spirit of excellence..

  12. You care about injustice and you protect the rights of the poor and underprivileged.

  13. You love everyone no matter their stances or affiliations.

  14. You have tamed your tongue.

  15. You live by faith which is rooted in hope.

  16. You bring the best out of others and believe in people.

  17. You create a culture of honor around you.

  18. You negotiate for a win-win.

YOU WERE CREATED FOR A NOBLE PURPOSE You have been created for a noble purpose, but in order to walk in the fullness of it, it will require virtuous decisions to be made in the small moments of the day that nobody will ever see. I want to challenge you today, if you read this list of 18 signs of nobility and felt a tug in your heart because you know that one or all of them are not true about your current life, pick one that sticks out to you and ask the Lord to give you the grace to walk in it starting today. I pray you are filled with hope to see the Church filled with noble servants walking in the fullness of their God-given identity and not defined by the schemes of the enemy.

Kris Vallotton


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