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I hear the Spirit of God saying that you are entering a “Stretch forth your tent pegs season...” You are entering an occupying the land season. You are entering a “TAKEBACK AND RECOVER ALL” season. You are entering a recompense, reconciliation, and restoration season for you've been in a season of limbo and delay, restriction, ceilings, and walls all around you. You've been in a time where you've had to fight just to maintain the territory and the land that you have. But even then, it feels like what is in your hands has just been falling through your fingers.

  • It's been a season of forfeiting.

  • It's been a season of deep surrender.

  • It's been a season of purging.

  • It's been a season of having to hand over to Jesus what you’ve built for years but is no longer working.

  • Partner With Us It’s been a time of things not coming together. It's been a time of having to deal with broken expectations and hope deferred that has been mounting up on every side. But I hear the Lord saying that there is a shift in the air and you are about to move from stuck to seizing. You are about to enter into a season where you will occupy the land that the Lord promised He would give you. “Now," says the Lord. "I'm going to cause everything that worked against you to suddenly be what works for you.” “I'm laying up the wealth of the wicked for the righteous," says the Lord. "I'm gonna cause My people to occupy and to own and to take back the territory that has seemed like it's been lost. That's right. I will settle you in the home I promised you," says the Lord. "You will own homes that you did not build. You occupy and inherit regions that weren't even on your radar," says the Lord, "I'm giving you not one land but multiple lands. Stretch forth your tent pegs to the left and to the right. Stretch them forth by faith. "Break out of apathy today. Begin to loose the hope deferred that's been trying to strangle your heart and suffocate your vision and your dreams because this is a moment," says the Lord, "that My people need to rise up and take the land. Occupy!" says the Lord. "It's time to seize. It's time to take. It's time to move forward into the land and it's time to not hold back anymore," says the Lord. "For I am with you and My Spirit is brooding over you. You'll feel my power invigorating you and you'll feel the roar of My voice through your own." SO TAKE THE LAND—PEOPLE OF GOD TAKE THE LAND. It's time to tear down principalities. It's time to confront giants that have seemed like they've been fixed in lands. The principalities that have been taunting and exerting their authority over us can no longer taunt and exert their authority. Take the land, take them down. I hear the Lord saying "This is a fresh slate for My people and it's time to move into the new season. It's time to end the chapter that has been behind you, the chapter where things would not work, the chapter where things were difficult, and the chapter where you were bullied and ostracized, and taunted—it is time to leave that chapter behind. It's time to enter the new," says the Lord. "Right now I'm RESETTING families and I am leading them to take back the ground that has been lost for many years, decades, and generations. Right now, I'm HEALING the wounds that have been inflicted upon families and marriages, causing them to live in a pit and never occupy the land that I promise them. They have been frustrated, confused, and disillusioned, but soon they're about to break out and see a fresh sunrise of a NEW DAY dawning over their families, and they will see with their own eyes the land that I've planned for them to dwell." So by faith right now, sieze it by faith, just take it by faith right now. Rise up, stand up, shout, shake. Do what you need to do to break yourself out of the old season. Tear down any agreement that you've made with hopelessness, disappointment, and hope deferred. And by faith right now, begin to posture your heart and position yourself for this new thing that the Lord is doing in the earth. Are you ready? IT'S TIME!

Nate Johnston



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