'You Have Been Beguile' Gypsy Dallas Smith

Beguiled; charm, attract, enchant, entrance, win over, woo, captivate, bewitch, spellbind, dazzle, hypnotize, mesmerize, seduce

The Lord impressed on me, that many of you are in wrong relationships with people. What you thought was a good thing and sent by God was actually a distraction from the enemy. You would have known that had you been walking in the spirit and not in the flesh. We cannot make flesh decisions and then expect God to bless us.

The enemy is very good at playing us and using our weaknesses and our emotions to get us into places and relationships that God did not ordain. We are so desperate for love, attention, recognition, and security, that we lose our better judgement and commit to things that were never Gods best for our lives. Trust me, I have had my fare share of bad relationships with men, friends, and pastors.

This is truly a season where we need to be willing to make the hard decisions in order to move ahead in what God has for our lives. Many of you feel stuck, desperate and hopeless. That’s because you are under a controlling seducing spirit! That was never Gods intent for you.

But Praise God, He will release you, if you are ready. But you must submit.

Don’t you understand that there is no demon in hell or man on earth that can stop what God has planned for your life? That’s why it is so important to release everything and everyone in your life to God to allow Him to sift anything that needs to be sifted.

Be encouraged in knowing, “That ALL things work for the good of those who love the lord and are called according to HIs purpose.”

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-Romans 8:28

So, that is our promise of knowing, that no matter what wrong choices we have made, God will use it for our good. I consider every relationship good or bad training ground, I never look at them as “all bad.” Because many of those failed relationships, have made me who I am today. Stronger, wiser, more humble.

I hear the Lord say, “There is grace in this season as I lead you and guide you into the things I have for you. But it is going to require trust, and letting go of everything you know, for a life that I have planned. Will you trust me to have the best plan for your life and will you release everything to me, all the bad and that which is good? For I am the God who restores and I want to restore what the enemy has taken. but you must be willing to release everything to me, to know what I truly have for you. Trust me as I guide you in this new season.”

Let us pray.

Father I come before you and I ask that you would help us to release everything into your care. Forgive us Father for not waiting on you and for responding in the flesh. Remove anything from our lives that is not your best. Remove our thoughts and desires and replace them with your heart for us. We only want what you have for us. So give us strength as we trust you during this time of transition. Help us to see that not everything that is good is your best, teach us Father to walk in your spirit and not in our flesh. We give you praise for this new season and the new thing that you are doing in our lives, not our will Father but Thy will be done. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Gypsy Dallas Smith



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