'Words To Strengthen You " Yolanda Ballard

In the midst of all the turmoil and chaos I am there with you wooing you that you would come and be with Me. Lay your head upon My breast that I may bring comfort to you and strengthen you with My life giving Spirit. I want to quicken you with My life and fill you to overflowing with My love. My Word is your bread and I want you to feast upon it. Drink of Me for I want to refresh you. No one can ever separate you from My love, which flows in you. Open wide your mouth that I may fill it with all that I have to set others free. I want to give you more than you can contain of who I am. I am power. I am love. I am fire to burn up the dross. Listen closely. Be still and know I am your only God. I will fight for you for your freedom from the evil one. Trust Me to set you free to be the people I called you to be. This is the hour I will pour out My power against the evil one. Through you I will do great works that will confound the wise. Signs, wonders and miracles I will do in these latter days that no one can deny that it is I who is moving in your midst. I will destroy the works of the evil one. What he does will be in no comparison to the power I will pour out through those who love Me.

Subscribe To Global Prophetic Voice So rest in Me. I have you in the palm of My hand. In My secret place you are being built up. Do not let anything deter you from My intimate presence and love. Yes, this is the hour I will pour out My power. I am making you ready. Use your time wisely says your God. Yolanda Ballard




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