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'Word of Encouragement' Cindy Jacobs Video

You know, it's just going to seem like even some of you, you'll feel like you're in a chaotic situation where just all around you there are things out of your control, things that you say, "I don't know how to fix this. I don't have any answers for this. I don't have any solutions for this." But, The Lord says, "I am the great solution provider, and I am getting ready to reach into your past and reach into your future. And I'm going to bring them together to bring peace. Peace for your family, peace in your heart, peace in your health." And so, the Lord says, "Trust me, even though the enemy has come in like a flood, I'm going to raise up a standard. I'm going to protect you. In this tumultuous, chaotic time where the nations are raging," the Lord says, "I'm going to speak into your storm, 'Peace, be still,' and it will happen." And He's going to do it for you. He's going to do it for your family. He's going to do it for those around you. And that's a very, very good promise. Merry Christmas again. God bless you. Love you!

Cindy Jacobs


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