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Who Will Stand Against A Righteous Judge ' Hank Kunneman


Who Shall Stand Against the Righteous Judge?"

Hank Kunneman, Omaha, NE

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman concerning certain events that signal a shift toward great victory and a great celebration for God's people! It has been prophetically declared that there shall be a divine intervention by the Captain of the hosts that shall restrain the nations of China and Russia from executing their agendas. Watch as leaders in South America, Europe, France and even Canada will be dealt with directly by the hand of God! Pay attention as America shall also see power shift back to the man that God has called His "Trumpet"! Do not be moved by darkness or storms, but continue to focus on and decree the promises of God's goodness that are coming in a mighty way! Who Shall Stand Against the Righteous Judge of All Things? Prophetic word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman at Lord of Hosts Church, on August 3, 2022 at 7:00 PM: For who shall stand against God? Who shall stand against the righteous Judge of all things? Who shall stand against our advocate, Christ Jesus? Who shall stand in a place to think that they shall be high and lifted up and be lofty in their pride? They shall fall. Unusual, strange deaths that will shock the earth... Oh, there shall be silence, but yet it shall be so loud. (Photo via Pexels) Things Are Shifting Now "Things are shifting." The Spirit of God says, "Things are shifting. Things are shifting for great victory. Things are shifting for great celebration. Things are shifting. Listen! That there is an end... There was a moment in the Red Sea crossing where God declared, 'The Egyptians that you see today, you shall see no more.' There was an end to their agenda. There was an end to their pursuit. There was an end to the demonic spirits that worked through them. And this is what is coming; this is what is being unveiled; this is why you are shifting now. You are shifting now. Do Not Be Moved by Storms - It's the Time of Global Freedom! "Do not be moved by darkness. Do not be moved by storms. Do not be moved by the storms. Do not be moved by the darkness, for it is but to distract from the shift that shall bring the revolution of light in a way that you have only dreamed of – to bring the nations into glory and into the manifestation of My goodness," saith the Lord God of hosts.

"Who is the dragon that they think they can breathe great threats? God's hand grabs ahold of your breath, dragon, and silences you and restrains you, China! No, you won't. This is not the time of global bloodshed; it is not the time for war. It's the time of the global freedom that doesn't come by the hand of man, but it comes by something greater. And God says, "'The greater' is the Spirit – the Spirit of Truth. And with the truth that is marching on across the earth is the sound of His marching – the Spirit of God. It's the sound of liberty to the nation that restrains kings, that restrain armies for battle. Only Rumors of Wars "You shall not," says the Lord, "you shall not preempt. And, no, these are not the end times of that war; so let that be just rumors of wars. And I speak – from the court of Heaven and in the office in which I stand, 'They are only rumors of wars.' And as Elijah stood and said at My word, 'It shall not rain,' so I stand with the backing of God Himself, and I say, 'Rumors only of wars.' But you have no substance; you have no authority granted by the Lord, God of hosts – the Captain of the hosts and His army. You shall not preempt. You shall not bring the nations to war, at My word." Shattered Shattered! Who can stand with God in this time? I stand with You, Lord, in Your plan. I see the protection of God. I see a perimeter around our shores. For you think you are hidden off our shores. No! We are backing off rumors of war that they want to make wars. And the Captain of the host Himself has stepped in and said, "I am the one that speaks. I am the one that restrains the armory of men. There is no missile, there is no armory, greater than My hands. Therefore, watch." A Word for China, Russia, South America, France, the United States and Canada I see the hand of the Lord grabbing you, the bear of Russia. I see the Lord with His other hand grabbing you, the dragon of China; and His grip has been tightened. Therefore, you shall do an about-face; you shall change your position, and you shall not strike. "Who but can quiet the earth and restrain kings who have blood upon their hands? Who can restrain the forces of darkness? I have restrained because you have gathered together tonight. I have restrained," says the Lord. (Photo via Graphic Stock) "What is happening that so many shall step down in you, South America? What is happening that one even in Europe shall say, 'I am done.' "You fool in France, who do you think you are that you say you won legally? You are but a coward, and I come for you, France; and I come for your leader. "Ukraine, you call yourself 'president'; you are not what you appear. Therefore, I have given you a space to do what is right and what is needed. But you have shaken hands with those in this land, America, and you will be exposed. "Putin, you will not go back to the pride of the former Soviet Union. And your agenda shall be met with My global freedom, and you shall not win. "And I will show you, Canada, what a leader looks like shaken and with their pants down. You've been lied to; you've been treated harshly. This is not the way of your future. "The trumpet sound is getting louder over you, America. You thought you could put the trumpet away. My hand is still upon the man, and it shall blast loud. And the enemies of the trumpet shall screech." Hank and Brenda Kunneman One Voice Ministries: Website:


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