'Where Are The Voices?' Dr Lance Wallnau VIDEO

America's cities are burning. Many of us watching the rioting are horrified because we thought America was more unified than this. In the decades leading up to this point, there had been progress made by both black and white Christians working to usher in new levels of reconciliation. Now many of us are wondering if this was for naught… Or is there something else at work?

I want to encourage you. God is at work in the midst of it all. When John the Baptist came out of the wilderness, he said, “the axe is being laid to the root of the tree.” The fruit and the root are connected. This is a massive educational moment for Americans. Clearly, there are forces at work that seek to produce anarchy.

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At the same time, there are people in our community who are seeing the reality of the nation's crisis with fresh eyes.

In all of this, we should consider the following: Who is feeding the anarchy? Who are the voices that bring reason, calm, and perspective back into this situation? Could it be that God is using this moment to shake us up to wake us up? When the first-century church experienced disunity, the Apostle Paul wrote: For there must, in fact, be divisions among you, so that those of you who are approved may be evident” 2 Corinthians 11:9 NIRV

Our prayer focus needs to be on this point - may God raise up voices, even if they appear out of nowhere, and may they speak under the “spirit and power of Elijah” just as John the Baptist, preparing the way for Jesus.





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