'When Will Christianity Be A Virus?' Mario Murillo

Democrat Governors must believe there are two viruses. There is the Covid-19 which is especially toxic in church buildings, barber shops, and small businesses. That explains why churches, and small local businesses must shut down or many people will die.

And apparently Covid-19 diminishes the mental capacity of pastors, and small business owners to take the proper precautions to protect their people.

Here’s the second virus Democrat Governors must believe exists. Let’s call it Covid-20. It is different, it is selective. Covid-20 targets businesses like Costco, Home Depot, marijuana dispensaries, and Planned Parenthood.  It is a kinder, gentler, more manageable virus. Covid-20 doesn’t force a closure of those establishments.

If you are so cynical as to believe that there is only one virus and that this a politically motivated double-standard…shame on you! If you think it is punishment for how Christians and small business owners tend to vote—that is disgusting.

But seriously, when will the restrictions end? It seems they have no idea when it should be deemed safe. They either can’t or won’t define safety. They are setting us up for permanent changes.

Yesterday, Gavin Newsom proved there is a double standard. When thousands of churches told him they would open up this coming Sunday, and President Trump declared churches essential, Newsom immediately pivoted and announced churches could reopen. Why? Did science change? Did he see something new? Nothing changed and yet it is suddenly okay to reopen churches?

He was saving face among the millions who have stopped listening and obeying him. He wanted to look like he still had control.  He claims his actions are based on science. And indeed it is based on science, political science.

And why should we be surprised by all this? California Democrats have hated the church for years. They have punished Christians repeatedly. They tried to ban the Bible—they limited the size of church buildings—they fought to get sermons tagged as hate speech. The idea of churches shutting down churches makes their mouths water.

To the Pastors who seek guidance on whether or not to open I say open your eyes. We are watching a dress rehearsal for something much bigger. This is a drill.

Here’s what the drill accomplished: It set the mechanism in place for future church shutdowns. It tested public reaction to see if there would be widespread outrage. America acted like sheep willing to trade rights for a bogus safety.

What this rehearsal did was to embolden the enemies of freedom. Next time, they won’t need a pandemic to shut down churches…they can treat the church as if it were the virus. And what will you do when they declare Christianity a virus? Chicago already thinks that way.

Churches are so dangerous to Chicago Democrats have threatened to bulldoze churches who dare to have services. The Liberty Counsel reports:

“In a letter delivered Saturday, May 23, Chicago Health Commissioner Allison Arwady wrote: "I am authorized to seek to enjoin such nuisance or to cause the same to be summarily abated in such manner as I may direct…." The letter ended by stating that "the City will take steps necessary to abate, including Summary Abatement."

According to the Illinois Supreme Court, "Summary abatement would mean to put down or destroy without process. This means the inspector can, upon his own judgment, cause the alleged nuisance to stop on his own authority and effect a destruction of property at his discretion." City of Kankakee v. New York Cent. R. Co., 387 Ill. 109, 116, 55 N.E.2d 87, 90 (1944).”

To know what to do you must consider these facts:

In thirteen states that have been open for more than three weeks now (prior to 5/1) and these states have since seen daily coronavirus cases fall 29%.

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Meanwhile in California death is coming from another source: suicides since the start of the shutdown have now surpassed death from the virus. The damage in isolation is taking a severe toll in many forms. Churches need to be open to stem the tide of addiction and suicide.

What if being closed is doing more harm than being open? Can you live with the fact that when your people needed you the most and when your nation needed you the most that you remained compliant based on bad information and false fear?

Millions of your fellow Americans live in a police state. They are being illegally arrested, attacked, and shamed for doing nothing but living their lives, in a legal and peaceful manner.

You want a safe church? I am sorry it can’t be safe and Christian. The Gates of Hell are arrayed against the church of Jesus. Christ promised us victory but He never promised a victory without our taking a stand against evil on the grounds of the Cross. We most oppose both demonic and human evil.

History shows us the pattern of how free churches become underground churches. In each instance there was a window of action and opportunity. That window is before us but only for a short season. So I ask you again, what will you do in the future if the state declares Christianity a virus?

Mario Murillo



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