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When War Has Been Waged Ben Peters

When the enemy attacks our homeland with the intention of destroying our way of life, our culture, and our freedom, we had better wake up, rise up, arm up and head for the frontlines before all is lost. I felt a strong anointing to share some insights God just began to download into my spirit. This word came after some serious hits in our family and close relationships.



God has given us such a huge, and absolutely, “unfair advantage,” if we have the wisdom to make use of it. First of all, we have five specific specialized ministries that are truly designed for warfare found in Ephesians 4:11-16. Starting with Apostles, who have been with Jesus long enough to know both HIS HEART and HIS MIND, the GIFT OF WISDOM for wartime strategy comes into play. Then, blend in the Prophets, who are gifted in hearing the fresh voice of God, and you have a huge advantage over the enemy. The Evangelists are willing to battle fearlessly on the front lines. Pastors, are watching over the little ones, who can’t yet go to war. They are also bringing a healing touch to the many wounded warriors. The teachers are employed in the training of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.


In II Corinthians 2:11, Paul declares that we are not ignorant of our enemy’s devices. In God’s written Word, we have a huge record of wars that were fought against evil enemies, and we can learn so much from them. But there’s one clue that Peter gave us that should especially help us to be ready for his tactics.

“Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about seeking whom he may devour.” “I Peter 5:8)

Here is perhaps one of the most significant points of this article: OUR ENEMY DOES NOT WAGE WAR RANDOMLY. HE ROARS IN ORDER TO FRIGHTEN US TO FLEE. THEN HE WATCHES FOR A WEAKNESS IN THE TARGET GROUP. HE ONLY ATTACKS WHEN HE THINKS HE HAS THE ADVANTAGE!!! A lion will not attack a herd of water buffalo head on when they face him together. He only has the advantage when they are running away from him, and he can target the weakest among them.

TRANSLATION: Our earthly enemy, including wicked globalists, inspired and empowered by the antichrist spirit, has only launched this all-out attack on America and her western allies, because HE SEES HOW WEAK WE HAVE BECOME. He has been successful in the gradual infiltration of our western institutions of education, government, entertainment, etc. He perceives unprecedented weakness in our societies and like the roaring lion, has sprung into action.

APPROPRIATE ACTION: We must first recognize our failures, repent and plead for God’s mercy. This is being done and actually began decades ago, but today, many who have been traditional sleeping saints, have been shaken to the core and are rising up as a mighty Kingdom army.


This is where true apostolic prophets shine. They, like Elisha, can tell the generals where the enemy is planning his attacks, and thereby thwart each one. It’s where the gift of knowledge is not just a blessing for healing, etc., but it’s extremely crucial if we want to win the war. Superior intelligence is superior advantage in the battle.


Paul challenges Timothy, “Thou, therefore, endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” (II Timothy 2:3). We can’t ignore the fact that during wartime, sacrifices are required by just about everyone, including those who stay home. If we’re not willing to “tough it” to fight the good fight, we could lose the war and become slaves of our oppressors.


We are not fighting an amateur enemy. He’s crafty and extremely deceitful and subtle. He conned Adam and Eve out of their Paradise, and many mighty men, like Sampson and Solomon, fell into his clever traps. And today, we’ve already seen so many church leaders who have compromised and made deals with him. We are in a war we can’t avoid. We must not allow ourselves to feel defeated when we see others becoming casualties. We have a war we must win, and we must fight on.

Some of the casualties we’ve already seen have come as a result of the virus from hell and the crafty invention that we were told would prevent or defeat it. Like most of you, we’ve lost good friends. There have been various types of casualties, including physical deaths and spiritual deaths. They are both tragic, but that’s what happens in warfare that we’re not fully prepared for. We must do everything we possibly can to be ready ourselves and to help others to be ready.


One of our biggest advantages in this war is that we’ve already been informed as to its conclusion. The daily prophetic broadcasts we have come to enjoy, along with the comforts and assurances in God’s written Word, have kept our faith strong. We know the current puppet imposter will be removed. We know our true leader will be recognized and respected by other nations. We know, ABOVE ALL, that A GREAT AWAKENING, like no other before it, will spread like wildfire around the globe, until “THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE GLORY OF THE LORD WILL COVER THE EARTH, AS THE WATERS COVER THE SEA.” (Habakkuk 2:14)


Let me mention the supernatural gifts and the supernatural fruit of the Holy Spirit as incredible and often ignored resources for the war we are in. They are not insignificant weapons – they are incredibly important and powerful. We need teachers who will expand on each fruit and each gift individually, in order to fully comprehend their battlefield capabilities.

In light of the high risk of casualties in this war, we must fight for unity and we must learn the power of the prophetic to encourage one another and to heal the wounded warriors among us. I Corinthians 14, gives us much instruction in this regard, but I especially love verse 12. “Inasmuch as you are zealous for spiritual gifts, seek that you may excel in the edifying (the building up) of the church.”

The church, the Ecclesia, the body of Christ, needs to be strong. Only the people of God can win this battle through spiritual weapons and authority. Learn to prophesy to edify, exhort and comfort, and learn to do it with excellence. My paraphrase of I Cor. 14:12 goes something like this: “So, I know you love spiritual gifts. That’s great! But while you’re at it, pursue excellence in using those gifts to build up others, and in so doing, you’re building up Christ’s own body on the earth. Yes, saints, pursue excellence in building up one another. It’s not about you and what others think about you. It’s about Jesus and the health of His body on the earth.”


Let’s focus on Jesus and His Kingdom. It’s for Him we fight. Let’s get our minds off our suffering and think about His heart, yearning for His children’s love, honor, and affection. He sacrificed so much for us. Let’s give Him our best. Amen

Ben Peters


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