'When The Lion Roars, His Call Is Not Tame - Part One" Bill Yount

I believe it's the roar of an Untamed Lion that is shaking the earth, wakening us to His most urgent call to follow Him. The first time I heard His roar it shook me out of my false security into trusting Him. I'm hearing that roar again. Can you hear it? The Roar Will Interrupt Your Life Check out Moses, Abraham, Jonah, the twelve disciples, and anyone walking with God today. You will see the divine interruptions that plummeted their lives. At twenty-one years of age I began working in a steel mill near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My goal was to save money to get married one day. Within a short time things were looking up... a new car paid for in cash. Everything was coming into view except someone to marry. After several more years of accumulating a sizable bank account for my dream, a voice spoke to me: "Lay down your nets and follow me." I was certain that was not God. He would have known it takes money to get married. Besides, I was sure the Lord blessed me with this good paying job with great benefits and a secure future. As time went by it became clear, however, it was God knocking on the door of that factory. "Son, lay down your nets and follow Me." I dragged my feet on those words for two more years, knowing that call could greatly hinder my dream from coming true. One day while eating lunch in the work yard, I saw in the spirit, Jesus walking past the factory. He didn't stop but kept walking as He pointed to me and said, "Son, I'm calling you for the very last time!" I knew it was now or never. I could stay where I was and be a light in that factory but I knew I would miss knowing Jesus the way the disciples did when they left their nets and followed Him.

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Two weeks later I turned in my resignation. The guys I worked with thought I was crazy for leaving a good paying job. They kept asking me, "What are you going to do when your money runs out and you do find someone to marry? I didn't have an answer. All I knew was that God was calling me out of the factory and not telling me what my next step in life would be. I could only say to my co-workers, "God is calling me to leave and He has promised to take care of me." Thirty days after I left the factory, it began to shut down and never reopened. I knew then the Lord didn't call me because I was so spiritual. He was looking out for me. What I thought was my security, wasn't. He saw the hole in the bottom of my boat. Will the call of God interrupt your life? Definitely! If necessary, it may close down a whole factory, business, or even your present ministry when the call comes knocking on your door. It often comes roaring like an Untamed Lion. The call can be wild. With what appears to be our global Titanic sinking...the answer is written on our money..."In God We Trust!" To Many, this Untamed Lion is the Uninvited Guest Who Has Invited Himself to Planet Earth

I just saw Jesus weeping. One tear covered the whole earth as though it was cleansing us. * Rarely will the Lord show you the full price tag to follow Him. He knows us. * I believe I'm experiencing what Daniel felt like in the lion's den...Glad to see the Lion of Judah here!

Bill Yount



To watch the sequel to my recent You Tube video - I Didn't Sign Up For This you can click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtDNwEnCvbA


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