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'What Jesus Thought About Women In Ministry' Kris Vallotton

Kris Vallotton

Jesus was a counterculture radical that flipped tables of hypocrisy and kneeled low in humility to lift up the oppressed. In His inaugural speech on the sermon of the Mount, Jesus made it clear the Kingdom of God operated in tension with religious ideologies that polluted the hearts and minds of society. He extended His blessing to the poor, the hungry, the mourners — the hurting. He stood up for the broken and set a new standard for society. If you have been in the Church for any amount of time you probably know these truths about Jesus; I knew them to be true as well. But, for years I was blinded from one of the most profound messages of the Gospels; Jesus championed the equality of women. He didn’t just value them, He promoted them. Yet, centuries later there are still religious thoughts that infect the global Church; oppressing women and neglecting the fundamental example of freedom and liberation that Jesus portrayed through His ministry. I’d propose it’s not just an injustice, but that the Body of Christ is deprived of key nutrients when women are not in their rightful place in leadership. I recently sat down for a conversation with Libby Gordon, who is an incredible leader, radical lover of Jesus, and BSSM Online Manager. Libby has a remarkable story of overcoming the barriers of religion and stepping boldly into her royal identity as a woman in leadership in our environment.

The Lord was strategic and creative in His design in the body of Christ. He gifted His Church with the diverse design between male and female. Libby Gordon explained this diversity so beautifully: “Male and female are created differently and uniquely. As a mother, it’s not just a tender love; it is fierce and strategic — we resemble a side of God. We carry a strength like a lioness, that goes forth and retrieves the prey.” A mother’s love is needed; it is the ingredient that creates new life in every environment and nurtures the frail until they find their own strength. I pray that if you are a woman reading this that you would be filled with vision for your life as a woman in this generation. I encourage you to ask God to show you the unique gifts He has given you as a woman. Lastly, if you are a man reading this, I encourage you to ask God to show you how you can empower and support the women in your life. Much Grace,



The Oil and The Book Monarchy Of Heaven


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