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'What is Worship, Anyway?' Gale Gibson

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

What is Worship, Anyway?

Did you take a look at the Post photo? Which of the two pictures looks like YOUR church, like YOUR worship? What most churches call "worship" is NOT true worship at all but instead it's a religious performance and a religious tradition of man. And that kind of "worship" does NOT bless God. True Biblical "worship" ALWAYS begins with Divine Revelation. Yes, true worship (the GENUINE kind of worship) comes ONLY as a fruit of Divine Revelation.


PERSONAL revelation, not just a response to somebody else's revelation.


Divine Revelation comes as a free gift from Holy Spirit. It usually comes 3 ways:

1.) as we spend time in intimate conversation and "dwelling" in communion with Him,

2.) as we spend time deeply meditating on the Word. and

3.) as we spend time praying in Tongues.

True Divine Revelation (the free gift) always blows your mind. The eyes of your understanding are opened to some truth that you NEVER saw before, NEVER understood --- and it just blows you away. True Divine Revelation will FOREVER change your walk with God and your relationship with Him. You'll never be the same after that, and your LIFE LIFE WILL CHANGE.

Divine Revelation is what causes you to want to jump into the arms of God and kiss His face a thousand times. Divine Revelation is what causes you to fall in a heap on the floor, weeping and overwhelmed by His kindness, goodness, love, mercy, power, wisdom, (etc). Divine Revelation is what causes you to rise up, to come up to your true identity in Christ, as a beloved child of the Most High God, fully accepted in the Beloved. Divine Revelation is what causes you to walk in the supernatural power of God, not just RECEIVING it, but also DOING SUPERNATURAL WORKS. And so so much more...

Like I said, Divine Revelation blows your mind and causes true worship of God to just FLOOD you with so much overwhelming love and thanksgiving, that you find that you are ABSOLUTELY INCAPABLE OF HOLDING IT IN. It's TOO MUCH to hold in, and you want to pour out love and honor and respect and thanksgiving UPON Him.

I researched the original Greek word that's translated "worship" and laughed out loud when I read the original meaning. It's exactly what I thought it would mean. It means "to KISS God". That's perfect. Oh, indeed it can include other physical gestures of respect and honor, such as bowing down low, going down on one's knees, touching one's forehead to the ground, even kissing the ground, but at its ROOT, its meaning is being so overwhelmed by adoration of Him, that we can't stop kissing Him. That's true worship.


So next time your church says they are having times of "praise and worship" I hope you keep that in mind. Think upon His Word and what He has revealed to you and then allow Holy Spirit to bring you a truly Divine Revelation --- one that blows your mind and changes you forever. And then give God a thousand kisses in thanks, love, honor, respect, and genuine affection.


Because those who worship Him MUST worship Him BOTH in spirit and in Truth.

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