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Welcome To Our New Site Chicago Faith-Based Broadcasting Network Formally Chicago Prophetic Voice

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Here you will see what's Happening Locally and Abroad!



7 Mountains

Womens Issues

And The Lighter Side of Life

Our Store will be open soon with many Kingdom Resources. Including The Royal Oils!

You will have opportunity to let your voice be known.

We value your relationship and your Love for God and His Kingdom.

We want to bring you tools to expand your sphere of influence and Become IGNITED for the future.

Dreams do come true! And, here we will allow those dreams to be expressed through our Broadcasting Network.

We want to connect you to people who can assist you and give you hope and strength.

Keys in the Prophetic Will be re-launched in September and we know you'll love that!

We already have a line up of several Prophets!

Including Dr Barbie Breathitt and

Dr Stephen Strader and MORE!

Please share this email and help us get started

Thank you!

God bless

The Kings Ambassadors

Theresa and Robert Phillips


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