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'Vision is The Power That Sustains.'Dr. James Goll

God has a vision. A great harvest is coming!

What is this harvest ultimately about?

It is about God’s deep love for everyone He has created. It is about His desire that no one should perish but that everyone should be saved and be restored to a passionate relationship of love (and oneness) with Him.

This has been God’s vision from the very beginning.

Proverbs 29:18a “Where there is no vision, the people perish…”

The Vision That Sustained Elisha

Elisha, who succeeded Elijah in prophetic ministry, was a man of vision.

Even as a young man, Elisha hungered for more of God, and his hunger made him tenacious in pursuit of his goal.

He kept before his eyes a vision of the Lord that sustained him through a life of ministry even greater and more miracle-filled than Elijah’s.

Elisha was a man of focused sight, a man of revelation, and he never let go of it.

What Vision Is Sustaining You?

What about you? Are you a person of vision?

I don’t know what prophetic promise the Lord may have spoken to you. As a Christian, you have the biblical promises as well as current-day revelatory words that are spoken into your life, which come in a variety of ways.

Sometimes they come by the quiet, still witness of the Spirit; at other times, through dreams or visions. They may come from God directly to you or through someone speaking to you what they have received from God.

Whatever the case, don’t cast away your dream, for it will have a great reward.

Don’t take off your dream coat in the presence of your enemy. Keep the vision God has given you before your eyes.

Vision is the power that sustains. Whatever you keep in front of your eyes is what will determine your outcome!

A Prayer for Increase, Insight, and Revelation

Father, we hunger and thirst for more—for an increasing measure of Your presence and for an increasing fulfillment of Your promises. We ask that You move upon our hearts by the Holy Spirit and awaken us to the times in which we live. Let us honor the precious stewardship that we have been given for these days. Revive us and revive Your work in the world. Thank You in advance for Your insights and revelations for us. For Your Holy Name’s sake, Amen and Amen.

Focused with a Vision!

James W. Goll

This article is partially adapted from Chapter 3 “Vision: The Power That Sustains” in James W. Goll’s book, The Seer.



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