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'Understanding The Times ' Ben Peters

We’ve never before lived in times like these. Our enemy has unleashed pretty much every weapon in his arsenal with an incessant blitzkrieg attack. He is determined to overpower the opposition arrayed against him before they realize they are at war. It’s a Pearl Harbor type of surprise attack. America was asleep, content to let the nations of Europe and Asia fight their own battles. Suddenly, she awakened, but had to recover from a devastating attack and rally a nation quickly into a wartime mode.

But many citizens of the Kingdom have now awakened and discerned what their enemy is trying to accomplish. They are sounding the alarm, blowing their shofars, and passing out their powerful weapons of spiritual warfare. We’re like a football team that’s supposed to be on offense, but we’ve been pushed back almost to our own end zone. We still have the ball, but we need to make some progress, or the game will be over.

Thank God for His supernatural wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Solomon acknowledged to God that in order to administrate God’s nation, he desperately needed more of these resources, especially understanding. God willingly granted his request, and he became the wisest man on earth until Jesus came.

Understanding what is happening today is the starting point for our victory over our enemy. That applies on the national and international battle fronts, but also on the battlefronts in our homes and relationships. The evil one comes to steal, kill and destroy. He has no pity or mercy. He, like that roaring lion Peter talked about, will eat us alive one bite at a time. We must draw close to our Commander-in-Chief and draw from His heart of wisdom.


I’ve been saying for some time that the most important prayer we can pray is: “God, please give me Your heart.” He longs to answer that prayer. Many of us don’t feel “holy” enough to get close enough for Him to answer it. But we need to come as we are, in all humility and thankfulness for His merciful kindness and love, and snuggle up to our Abba Father, and listen earnestly for His heartbeat. We need to feel that passionate love for His children and the powerful energy that goes with it to manifest His love to every single person that He has created.

God cares about the state of His Sons and Daughters, His Body, His Temple, His Bride. He wants to empower us to defeat every assault of our enemy, by drawing from His wisdom and understanding emanating from His heart.

Today, there are so many voices out there, telling us many conflicting things. We don’t know what to believe and there is great confusion among many. But if we keep one ear on the Father’s heart, we will clearly understand what is going on.

Ben Peters


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