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To those trying to make sense of where they are headed because the path looks so different to what they expected it would be. To those trying to determine whether to settle or to hold on to the promise God gave them. To those trying to make sense of the new and unexpected landscape before them. To those who feel like they are back at square one after years of pioneering and plowing ground. This is not a step back – this is a new level. The enemy wants you to feel like you failed and that you have accomplished nothing. He wants you to feel like you missed it, messed up, and are being punished for it. He wants you to feel abandoned and cast aside. He wants you to give up, abandon ship, and create an Ishmael. Recently I had a conversation with the Lord where He spoke into this moment many are facing. “Listen to what I have to say those who feel like Jacob. Those who feel like nomads, wanderers, and failures. You have not failed. You have not missed my voice in this season” “I know you feel like all your wandering and pioneering has taken you nowhere. Your feet still like they are treading water and you have not seen the promise I gave you” “I know you feel let down and tricked like Jacob did by Laban. It feels like you have worked and given your all for the wrong outcome” “You feel blindsided and cheated from the ending you feel like this journey was meant to have while you see others experiencing their promise all around you” “You have felt like you have gone around in circles over and over and repeated the same fruitless cycles with nothing to show for it” “Like Jacob you have felt hunted down and pursued by family, fellow brothers and sisters, constantly on the run from people who have been after you to rob and discredit you” “Right now I am redeeming you, vindicating you, holding your arms up, and clearing the road before you” “I know your heart needs to settle and rest and bring the story to a close but it just doesn’t feel right or finished yet” “My faithful pioneers, right now I am renewing my promise with you like the days of Bethel” “What i showed you back then was not a hoax or a carrot on a stick but a sure promise” “This is not a time to let go of what I have told you even if it looks different in this moment to what you imagined” “You aren’t lost and you haven’t failed. You are at the brook and you are crossing over!”

“This is your wrestling with destiny moment! This is where it feels like a fight but you need to hold on to what I have told you because your path is changing” “This is a legacy shifting moment!” “The route has been different than you imagined but I am taking you on the path that will get you to the place I have wanted you to go, and I will complete what I told you” “Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” Genesis 28:15 THE NEW PATH OF PROMISE IS OPENING UP “Soon you will see my protection over this season. Soon you will see that this unusual route insulated you from the disablement and detoured you away from the landmines the enemy placed in your way” “Soon you will see how it detoxed you from the religious road that would only trap you into false freedom and lead you to another Egypt” “Soon you will see how I veered you away from wrong scenarios and people who would only taint the purity and authenticity of what I have given you” “I know you have felt like so many doors have closed in this season and so many things you felt I would open to you” “I know you have been grieving so many unmet expectations but where I am taking you is greater than what you imagined. I have opened a new path of promise for you!” “But you no longer need to grieve the road you weren’t ever meant to go on” “You no longer need to grieve the outcome that is different to the better thing I am doing through you” “You no longer need to grieve the people you weren’t meant to walk with” “Because soon you will feel the celebration of seeing me flip every area of hope deferred and deep disappointment with my better solution and answers to what you heart needed” “This new path you didn’t expect is freedom and the space to create and dream with me again” “This new path is your deliverance from every onslaught that has been chasing you for three years now. Those arrows can’t go where I am taking you and they can’t track you” “While the other path looks glamorous and many you know have chosen it for quick and easy fruit, where I am taking you is for legacy. You will fall or fail but build what is long lasting” “The other road was only big enough for you, but where I am taking you is for your whole family” “I am taking you this route to build you, and build family in you and around you. Genuine connection and covenant and breaking the enemies counterfeit of this” “This path Is the breakthrough you couldn’t have found going where everyone else is going” “This path is the refreshing and healing route that you didn’t know you needed after years of walking a tiring and perilous road” “And soon you will plant your feet in the place where I have been leading you from the first moment I called you. I didn’t change my mind. This has always been the place I have been leading you” “Like Jacob and Penuel soon this place of wrestle will be revealed as the birthing place of your greatest life shift and destiny moment” “You will realize that the very place you could have given up but persisted was the place where God honored his promise to you and changed your name and storyline going forward” “So now lift up your heads again, shake off the defeat and misconceptions and lean into my heart again. I am not done with you yet!” Then the man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.” Jacob said, “Please tell me your name.” But he replied, “Why do you ask my name?” Then he blessed him there. So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.” Genesis 32:28-30 SO JUST KNOW THAT RIGHT NOW:

  • God is wanting to refresh you and heal you

  • He is giving you new eyes for where you are

  • He is wanting you to HOLD ON to what he promised

  • He is protecting you from problems and giants you don’t even know about

  • He is shifting you out of survival

  • This place you are in is designed by God and NOT a mistake. Trust Him in it!

  • Your establishing is coming!

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