'Though Your Beginning Was Small, Your Future Would Flourish' Keith Miller

“Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly.” Job 8:7 (NKJV) 

“And though your beginning was small, your future would flourish.” Job 8:7 (Tree of Life) 

“Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” Job 8:7 (NIV) 

I shared this scripture on our Sunday Night broadcast a few times, but I want to release the power of this word and the working of this passage for you.

We know that the Word is alive…and active… plus, I feel that there is favor upon this passage for so many precious people. 

I shared several different translation versions with you because each one brings out a different aspect of this incredible promise in the Lord. I want you to grab ahold of this passage by your faith in the Lord and in His mighty power so that you might see it activated from this point on for favor for increase in your life! 

One thing that I felt as I was sharing this passage with our SFWM Word and Spirit Broadcast Family is the word “current.” 

In this context, the word “current” means “in this present time,” but also indicates movement in a particular direction. I love that! I decree that this promise from Job 8:7 is a current scripture and word for you! 

We are in a fresh movement of God’s Divine Favor to see the increase of all that He intends for us. That which is previous and all that is past has no power over the now or the future!

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We are in the current of God’s Holy Favor as we are being propelled in our increase that He has destined for us. 

The favor of the Lord with His divine instruction will cause us to advance quickly!! 

This advance includes the realization of dreams, visions, callings, mantles, businesses, business deals, family promises, previous promises not fulfilled, open doors, opportunities, and so much more. 

Grab ahold of this passage from Job 8:7 and come into agreement with the Power of His Word over you and for you!! 

Yes, Lord, “We come into agreement with Your word and with the Power of Your word.

I pray for every person who reads this declaration that this word from the scriptures will be activated for them and their households, in Jesus’ Mighty Name, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, for the Glory of the Lord... Amen! Amen! Amen!” 

As a ministry, we are in a time of fresh momentum and increase for this time that we are in.

I’m so very grateful to the Lord for His Presence, Power, and revelation of the Word…  

We are excited and so very grateful to the Lord for this increase of His Word and His Anointing that is Life-Impacting and Life-Forming for His Glory in the earth. 

Abundant Blessings to you,

Keith & Janet

Contact: office@sfwm.org



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