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"This Week, Enter Into the Realm of Spiritual Multiplication!"Chuck D. Pierce

Chuck D. Pierce

Kislev: The Month of Dreams, Visions and Second Chances This is a month of coming full circle and entering into second chances! The Lord is shifting our thought processes, and distractions will not keep us from seeing the moment that unlocks our future! Do not narrow the boundaries He has for you, but receive the revelation that will enable you to possess your boundaries. As Robert Heidler shared (during our most recent Celebration Service), Kislev is a month of dreams and visions. The Lord wants us to get in touch with our ability to hear His voice at night and capture what He is speaking to us. The Spirit of revelation and wisdom can visit and cause you to see clearly from your dreams. You don't have to be distracted when you lie down, but can rest and sleep in wholeness and peace. In this month of Kislev, I send you forth into revelation as you give the Lord access to visit you at night! Distractions Will Not Keep You from Seeing Your Moment! The Lord says: "You are going to see beyond a place that you are now seeing. This week, I have begun to establish you, new and fresh for your future. Do not see from last week, but stand and peer from the place that I am calling you. You will see into dimensions that you have never seen into before, and you will look beyond and say, 'This is what was meant to be all along!' See and hear and look into the place that I'm calling you! Spiritual Multiplication "This is a week you're going to enter into the realm of spiritual multiplication. You're going to multiply My fire, multiply My glory, multiply My grace, multiply My favor, and multiply My love! You're going to multiply every resource that I send into you! Multiply under My anointing of multiplication! Divine Reminder "Watch this week, for there will be a moment I remind you of how I have brought you out to bring you in. Watch, for My reminder will come down and explode within you. You will see how I have walked with you through floods and fires and brought you to the moment that I am calling you. This will be a week of [Me] divinely reminding you of how I am with you, to lead and guide you into the days ahead. Awake, O Sleeper! "Awake, awake, awake, you sleeper! Now is the time to awake! When you awake this week you will hear a freshness, a newness – a word that will carry you forth. I am calling you to awake. Awake, O sleeper! Rise up! Rise up! This is a time for the 'risers' to arise, and for the sleepers to awake. As you awake, let your ear be attuned to what I am speaking to you.

"I am shaking and I am roaring and I am taking distractions off of your mind that have confined you from being able to worship Me. Things have come in a form that look religious and good, but they are distractions that keep you from worshiping or even knowing Me. Anything that keeps you from wanting to know Me is a distraction. Break every distraction that comes with a form of godliness but a lack thereof. Worship Me in Spirit and in truth. "This week you will hear your reminder not to be distracted by little things, petty things, little foxes that come to unsettle the spirit of man. Distractions will not keep you from seeing your moment!" (Prophetic words spoken by Chuck Pierce, Anne Tate, Stella Timmons, and Amber Pierce)


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