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'This Christmas' Joni Ames


A poem by Joni Ames

On that first Christmas Day, He came,

A babe inside the hay,

A star above, the only sign

To show the world the way

On that first Christmas, just a few

Knew Jesus Christ was born

And only some beheld His face

That first bright Christmas morn'

On that first Christmas night He lay

At the mercy of the world

Rejected from the very start

As His life was unfurled

His parents had to flee with Him

And find a place to hide

Where He would not be found and killed

Though many people tried

But now He's not a little babe

Wrapped, hidden, in the hay

He's risen up as King of kings

To show the world the way

He isn't in a stable, dark,

Where no one else can see

He's risen to the Throne of God

Where He was meant to be

He doesn't seek the world's grace

They kneel at His Name 

And everywhere, because He lives,

The world is not the same

This Christmas He is not a child

Who seeks our mercies, fair,

But He is Lord of all the Earth

His grace, with us, to share

He doesn't run from anyone

Nor play their silly games

For even satan has to bow

At the mention of His Name

This Christmas, take Him from the hay

And place Him on YOUR throne

For He's King of kings, and Lord of lords

So crown Him as YOUR OWN

Soon He'll break the Eastern Sky

Returning for His Bride

And all who still turn Him away

Will have no place to hide

Care enough to give the best

To family and friends

Give to them the Good News now

Of life that never ends

Show them there's a better way

Not mapped by any man

Let them know they have a choice

To live Salvation's Plan

Jesus Christ WAS once that child--But let the good news ring!

THIS Christmas, let the whole world know--


Joni Faith Ames © Copyright 1992 


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